Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bruno Catalano

Life can often leave you feeling a bit lost for purpose, perhaps even empty inside, but there’s a great way to regain your clarity on what matters in this world: go traveling. Bronze sculptor Bruno Catalano has created an fascinating series of sculptures called “Travellers” which depict people setting out on their journey with suitcase in hand and the center of their bodies missing. It’s as if that hole is their lost self, and they’ve set out to rediscover it.

Catalano, a native of southern France, has cleverly cast the sculptures to balance from their feet, up through the suitcase and its often delicate handle, to the arm and torso above. Even at a close distance the effect is striking and easily convinces the eye. But what makes his work really stand out is the placement of each piece and the resulting background that shows through its empty center. Be it snowy hillsides or sweeping seascapes, it’s as if these travelers are finding themselves in the scenery that surrounds them.


  1. I found your blog just a couple minutes after I started making mine :D and yes, I love this post. Totally new for my eyes.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Catherine, glad my post could be of assistance to you xx


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