Monday, 19 October 2009

Tara Donnovan

Toothpicks, 2001
Toothpicks Held Together by Friction & Gravity Only
35"(H) x 35"(W) x 35"(D)
Ace Gallery Beverly Hills, 2004

Known for utilizing common and manufactured materials as components for her installations and sculptures, Tara Donovan has been recognized for her commitment to process. The artist has earned acclaim for her ability to discover how the inherent physical characteristics of an object enable it to be transformed into art. She has explored the multiplication of these interactions, at times utilizing hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of units to generate powerful perceptual phenomenon and subtle atmospheric effects.

Untitled, 2003
Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue
Dimensions Variable
Ace Gallery Los Angeles, 2005

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