Thursday, 7 January 2010

Avatar Movie

Went to see Avatar movie today. Really enjoyed the 3d experience and the story line too. I was sucked right in from the start and found msyself quite emotionally charged at some bits. I also liked how the film touched on some really important issues that we face in society today such as corporate greed and environmental degradation. It was a real suprise to see such a big hollywood film focusing on issues like this as much of hollywood is owned and funded by big corporate companies. Also found this review by someone else who had seen the film, makes some really interesting observations:

Also an interesting fact that I just read about the film:

Every 24th of a second in AVATAR took over 50 hours to make. Over a Petabyte – one thousand terabytes – of digital storage was required for all the CG ‘assets’ of the film. This includes the myriad forms of flora and fauna. For reference, Titanic was based on just 2 terabytes – 1/500th the amount used in AVATAR.

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