Saturday, 29 May 2010

Why Doesnt Everything That People Say Come To Pass?

'' When the thread between the spoken word and the soul is broken, when the soul is found empty and the image dulled, the what is said, though it be plenty, is as empty as chaotic sound. And nothing can it betoken. ''

'' Thats sheer fantasy! Come on now, you let yourself beleive in everything, like a naive child.''
'' How can it be fantasy, Vladimir?! After all, I could give hundreds of examples from the world you live in, and even from yuor own life, as to what power a word has when it projects the image connected with it!''
''Then give me an example I can understand.''
''An example? Here is one. A person is standing on the stage before an audience and speaking words. An actor, for instance. He will repeat the same words people have heard many times before, but there is only one actor people will listen to with bated breath. Another they will not adore. The words are the same, but there is a vast difference in how they are declaimed. What do you think? Why does that happen?
''Well thats actors for you. They spend years studying at drama school- some are oustanding in their professsion, others just so-so. They memorise there lines at rehearsals so that they can say them with expression.''
'' They are taught at drama school, Vladimir, how to get inside the image that underlies the word. Then they try to reproduce the image during rehearsals. And if an actor suceeds in projecting even ten percent of the invisible images underlying the words he utters, the audience will then listen with there whole attention. And if he should succed in projecting the images behind half of his words, you will indeed call that actor a genius. For his souls is speaking directly with the souls of those sittting or standing in the auditorium. And during the play people will laugh or cry as they feel in there soul what the actor desires to convey. Such is the instrument of the grand creator''


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