Sunday, 10 October 2010

Friday Event ''Art of the Mentally Ill''

Artistry of the Mentally Ill was a 1922 book by psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn, and is known as the work that launched the field of psychiatric art. It was the first attempt to analyze the drawings of the mentally ill not merely psychologically, but also aesthetically.

In the book, Prinzhorn presents the works of ten "schizophrenic masters" from the Heidelberg collection, with in-depth aesthetic analysis of each and also full-color reproductions of their work. These ten masters were:

* Karl Brendel
* August Klotz
* Peter Moog
* August Neter
* Johann Knüpfer
* Viktor Orth
* Hermann Beil
* Heinrich Welz
* Joseph Sell
* Franz Pohl

Emma Hauck's heart-rending obsessive love-letter to her husband, Sweetheart Come.

he intricately embroidered jacket of a German seamstress who had been locked away in an asylum in the late 1800s. The words that Agnes Richter painstakingly stitched into nearly every inch of the garment to record her experiences have eluded scholars’ many attempts to decipher them

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