Tuesday, 15 February 2011

"On Happiness" by Peter Ragnar

"On Happiness"
by Peter Ragnar

So much has already been written about happiness or the lack of it. I scarcely think I can add anything to the topic, except to be found living in it. Perhaps it's true that happiness doesn't favor the shy, but the challenge of happiness, genuine happiness, is that it can't be forced upon another. It appears to be an after effect of a certain or peculiar way of being.

"Those who have discovered themselves, tend less to impose their issues and agendas on others."

They seem to have entered into a certain flow with life. Even their speech belies a warmth and tenderness of one who has come to grips with things. There may be times of sadness or tribulation, yet the underlying theme of life is found in a tranquil understanding that all things simply are as they are. A prescription for happiness?

"The happy person is less likely to be upset because the garbage wasn't taken out, the car has a flat tire, or one's mate happens to be having an off day."
Happiness is more forgiving and forgetting, more in the moment, more about letting go than holding on. Happiness is the fragrance of love, to love and be loved. That, at least for me, is happiness.
"The musings that follow are only that. Correct or in error, they're only the tune I've been humming at this juncture in life."
Am I happy? I don't really know. Perhaps a greater happiness might prove this a time of sadness. So? I'll dance and rejoice that I really don't know much of anything. And for that, at least, I'm happy.

That's the view from the mountain as I see it today!

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