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De Calcification


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David Wolfe’s

Super Immune Tonic


Created by: David Wolfe

Compiled and Edited by: Rebecca Gauthier

Additional editing by: Lucien Gauthier and Andrea McGinnis


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The SITS Program is either sold or given for information purposes only. Neither the author, the

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foods or medicines to alleviate health challenges. Because there is always some risk involved,

the author, publisher and/or distributors of the SITS Program are not responsible for any adverse

effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions or procedures described


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What is the Super Immune Tonic System?

The SUPER IMMUNE TONIC SYSTEM represents a technological breakthrough in cellular

cleansing, physical detoxification, longevity, and immune sys tem transformation.

This program is designed to significantly lower the amount of calcification (bad calcium) present

in the body. Calcification (the accumulation of bad calcium) has been shown to be a common

factor in nearly every illness and aging cond ition including: heart disease, kidney stones,

arthritis, and even wrinkles. The higher our level of calcification, the more difficult it is to keep

our skin, bones, joints, nervous system, and immune system running at a peak state.

Generally, calcification increases with age. The greater our age, the more I recommend that we

adopt the SITS Program into our lifestyle. As we adopt the SITS Program, we immediately lower

our level of calcification (bad calcium), and discover that we feel younger and healthier than


The SITS Program is simple and easy. It consists entirely of natural products: superherbs,

superfoods, super-supplements, some mineral compounds, and basic longevity technologies. The

SITS Program is primarily focused on adding a few simple habits into our daily routine that

require less than 5 minutes of time once we get the hang of it. That is why it is a tonic system. A

"tonic" is something you can imbibe every day. If we have the discipline to brush our teeth every

day, we can do the SITS Program!

The SITS Program is designed to help improve immediately:

Bone and joint problems


Aches and pains

A weak immune system

Auto- immune conditions such as fibromyalgia, herpes, and Lyme's disease

Chronic skin challenges such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis

And many more chronic conditions...

The SITS Program contains protocols that have been scientifically proven to remove the

following toxic metals and volatile organic compounds from the human body:

Toxic Metals:








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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs):




Methylene chloride






How is this possible? By implementing the elements of the SITS Program into our daily routine,

the root cause of all these conditions, NANOBACTERIA is attacked and removed.

What are Nanobacteria?

Nanobacteria or Nanobacterium sanguineum, were discovered in the 1980's due to the research

of Finnish scie ntist E. Olavi Kajander and Turkish researcher Neva Ciftcioglu while working at

the University of Kuopio in Finland. Nanobacteria are living organisms that are roughly the

same size as most viruses (approximately 1/100th the size of bacteria).

Nanobacteria form shells made of calcium phosphate, otherwise known as apatite, and/or

biofilm. The nanobacteria-secreted biofilm shell calcifies and hardens around the nanobacteria

organism, forming a defensive “outer armor”, shielding it from the body’s immune system.

Within these microscopic biofilm shells, toxins such as mercury, pesticides, and plastics are

trapped and stored. In this calcified state, these nanobacteria can either reproduce upon

themselves forming aggregate, “budding- like” clusters, or, they can remain in a state of “relative

calcified dormancy.”

These hardened shells shield the nanobacteria, in the same way a snail shell shields a snail,

forming a living space for opportunistic viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The immune system has

trouble breaking down these hardened shells to get at the “bad guys” inside.

When this SITS Program is used in conjunction with a well-balanced, organic, raw-food-based

diet filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, sprouts, herbs, and superfoods (as

described in the books The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating For Beauty by David

Wolfe), the cleansing and youthening results generated by the program will be greatly enhanced.

Why are Nanobacteria Harmful?

Once a nanobacteria infection has become entrenched, and the coral reefs are established, the

nanobacteria are on a determined path to continue colonizing the body until a course of action, in

this case, the SITS Program, is taken against them. The body will attempt to wall these calcium


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phosphate crys tals, using fibrin which causes the tissue to harden around the calcium phosphate

shells. Hence the terms: hard of hearing, hardening of the arteries, hard headed, etc.

Over a lifetime, nanobacteria infections will manifest in a physical form as a calcium phosphate

crystal and/or a fibrous scar tissue mass that never completely heals. These calcium phosphate

crystal shells or reefs eventually build up in size, creating inflammation and sclerosis, laying the

foundation for what will eventually become any one of a number of painful chronic conditions.

How the SITS Program can help:

Nanobacteria take many years, sometimes decades, to reproduce and eventually grow into a

number significant enough to cause the harm that they do later on in our lives. Therefore, they

do not leave the body very easily. By incorporating the SITS Program into our lives, we can

destroy and remove the nanobacteria from our bodies. To achieve maximum results, the

technologies I am presenting in the SITS Program must be actively applied for a minimum of

100 days. Consistently sticking to the SITS Program for this length of time ensures that we

significantly destroy and remove the nanobacteria colonies that have built up throughout our


Within each step are various stages of cleansing and detoxification. All the supplements, herbs,

and superfoods contained in this program work together to create a powerful protocol that rids

our bodies of harmful nanobacteria in a way that has never before been possible.

The Four Main Steps of the SITS Program

1. Nanobacteria Dissolvers:

Strip down the hard shells that surround the nanobacteria.

2. Herbal Immune Boosters:

Destroy and evacuate the nanobacteria and opportunistic viruses, bacteria, and fungi which are

hiding behind the hard shells.

3. Cell-Rejuvenating Supplements:

Accelerate and support the entire process by acting as a “clean-up crew,” removing any debris or

bacteria that are lingering in the body.

4. Longevity Technologies:

Destroy and evacuate nanobacteria and other opportunistic organisms through cutting-edge

electronic technologies.


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1. Nanobacteria Dissolvers


Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolites




2. Herbal Immune Boosters


Garlic and Aged Garlic Extracts

Triple Herbal Treasures:

Wormwood, Cloves, Black Walnut


Mushroom Extracts:







Agarigold H1X1 (Agaricus Blazei extract)


Blue Mangosteen

Cat’s Claw Extract Powder

Citric Acid (Citrate)


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3. Cell-Rejuvenating Supplements:


Metabolic Enzymes (Beauty Enzymes)

Adaptogen Herbs (Supreme Protector Formula)



Vitamin C Plant Powders (Camu Camu, Acerola, and/or Pure Radiance C)


Angstrom Zinc or Zinc Picolinate

Krill Oil

Vitamin B-12

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton

4. Longevity Technologies:


Zapper (The Terminator model or Dr. Clark's models)


Barefoot Connections

MRS-2000+ Mattress Pad


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Step-by-Step Explanation of the

Entire SITS Program:



Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) Liquid Zeolite





Stage I:

Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) Liquid Zeolite:

NCD Liquid Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure.

Because the zeolite is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, it acts as a magnet,

drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage, and removing them from the body. NCD Liquid

Zeolite differs from other forms of zeolite in that it is highly micronized and suspended in a

liquid form, thus significantly increasing the mineral’s absorption and bio-availability to the

body. In this unique and patented liquid form, NCD Liquid Zeolites’ detoxification ability is

dramatically increased.

NCD Liquid Zeolite is also a clathrating compound. A clathrating compound is able to remove

calcified substances or bad calcium from the body. By breaking down the nanobacteria shells,

zeolites remove the bad calcium and toxic compounds safely and effectively.

NCD Liquid Zeolite also has a strong anti-oxidant component. In fact, NCD Liquid Zeolite is the

only scientifically known substance to remove oxidants such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and

volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, dichlorobenzene, toluene, methylene

chloride, etc. It is also the only known compound to remove Uranium-238 and radioactive


When substances like Uranium-238 or plutonium begin to decay, they cause a massive oxidation

reaction, or free radical attack, in the human body. NCD Liquid Zeolite is the best form of zeolite

yet discovered that is scientifically known to stop these oxidation reactions.

For centuries, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been used as traditional remedies

throughout Asia to promote overall health and well-being. NCD Liquid Zeolite is the end


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

product of a search by some of the world’s greatest scientists on how to get rid of some of the

most toxic substances ever created.

The average person is exposed to more toxins through water and air pollution, household

cleaning supplies, pesticides, disinfectants, and food additives than ever before in human history.

Thus, this leads to increasingly weakened immune systems. NCD Liquid Zeolite supports a

healthy immune system and also balances pH levels in the body. Zeolites are 100% natural, nontoxic,

and safe for long-term use.

Recommended Use: 10-15 drops, 3 times per day (every 5-7 hours) with at least 1 ounce of

drinking water per drop. Add NCD Liquid Zeolite either into your drinking water or take directly

in your mouth (even though NCD is not sublingual or homeopathic). The zeolites are almost


MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane):

MSM is a crystallized, oxidized form of DMSO, otherwise know as DMSO2 that can be taken

daily. MSM helps to maintain the lubrication of the joints, flexibility of the tissues, and

rejuvenation of the skin, hair and nails. MSM also assists the immune system in breaking down


It is known from scientific evidence that the more MSM and biologically available sulfur we

take, the more difficult it is for nanobacteria to “get a hold of us”. These nanobacteria organisms

are like barnacles or oysters, and they are always looking for a part of our body that is easy to

hook onto so that they can then grow a coral reef. When we take in enough sulfur, the areas

where nanobacteria like to tag on to, for example our joints, become so slippery that the

nanobacteria slip right off. MSM has a long history in helping reverse conditions caused by

nanobacteria, including: all arthritic conditions, bursitis, damaged joints, and inflammation.

If we take significant amounts of MSM, over a period of time we are going to see a powerful

shift in the way our hair and nails grow, in our skin, in our digestive abilities, and in our

flexibility. The calcification and hardening of the joints is also going to change. We may find

pain and inflammation relief in both the short term and the long term. I definitely believe that

MSM, because of all these factors, is one of the great discoveries, or rediscoveries, of the 20th


Forms of MSM : MSM comes in powders and capsules. Either one works effectively, it depends

upon your personal preference. You can use also use MSM topically (MSM lotions).

Recommended Use: Because MSM is such a powerful compound, I always recommend starting

light — 2500mg. Split this into two doses: 1250mg in the morning and 1250mg in the evening.

Add MSM to your water, juice, or smoothie. Over time it is critical for the effectiveness of this

program that you increase the dosage to a minimum of 7500mg a day.

*MSM Warning: Some people who are allergic to sulfur-containing drugs may have reactions to

MSM and therefore cannot take it. It is rare but it does happen. If you are one of these people,

you can use NCD Liquid Zeolite instead, or you can use EDTA and get the same results.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Stage II:


EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid) is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It then

begins to “chelate”, or remove, bad calcium, toxic metals, as well as excessive mineral deposits.

When metals and minerals remain in the bloodstream, they accumulate and harden, causing poor

circulation. By cleansing the body’s arteries and veins, the blood flow is increased. This

increased blood flow is able to supply the body’s organs, muscles, tissues and nerves with ample

nutrients and oxygen, thus allowing it to recuperate, regenerate, and function normally.

EDTA has a tremendous medical history, having been used for over 60 years to clean up food

substances that have heavy metal contamination. It is a false amino acid that the human body

recognizes and uses effectively to remove excessive bad calcium. It has been extensively studied

in its relationship to healing heart problems. We know that heart problems develop when there is

a calcification of the coronary artery, the artery that feeds blood and oxygen to the heart itself.

Recommended Use: EDTA can be done as a suppository once every three days. You can also do

IV chelation therapy with a naturopathic physician.

Generally, it takes twenty treatments of chelation therapy to clean out the circulatory system and

get back to a state of health where one would no longer be threatened by something like a heart


Warning: EDTA is a very powerful compound. Oral EDTA is not recommended. Oral EDTA

has been shown to contribute to the loss of zinc, copper, and other trace minerals. EDTA should

be administered as a suppository or by IV chelation.

DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide):

DMSO is a particular favorite of mine. I call it alchemical sulfur. I strongly believe that the

ancient alchemists figured out how to create this substance. It was rediscovered in the 1860’s by

a Ukrainian scientist and has been with us ever since in mainstream science. DMSO is included

in the first step of the SITS Program because sulfuric acid, or sulfur, is a very widely known

catalyst in the destruction of bad calcium. Most of what is happening as we age is not that we

need more calcium, it is that we are accumulating too much of the wrong kind of calcium. Using

DMSO in conjunction with MSM is a very powerful way to dissolve the calcified nanobacteria

shells within the body.

A deficiency of DMSO has been strongly implicated in nanobacteria’s ability to hook on to, or

grab on to, affected skin and joint tissues. This begins to cause problems. If we do not have

enough DMSO at the surface of our joints, then we may be subject to a nanobacteria infection.

DMSO is critical when someone is dealing with a chronic topical problem like psoriasis or

eczema, and it is also very important when someone is dealing with joint issues and

inflammation due to arthritis.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Recommended Use: Apply DMSO topically to troublesome areas. Put the DMSO in a spray or

dropper bottle. You’ll want to use straight DMSO (70% to 99.9% liquid DMSO are both fine

because they have no additives except distilled water). You can transfer the liquid from the

mother bottle to the other bottle and apply it in those areas where needed. After washing the area

with food-grade hydrogen peroxide, apply just enough DMSO until you get a slight heating

reaction — not too little where you feel nothing, and not so much where you burn yourself. You

add just enough on your skin until you feel a subtle heating reaction.

Note: You can begin to take DMSO topically and combine it with some of the other nanobacteria

dissolvers. For example, if you have something going on in your skin, you could take NCD

Liquid Zeolite, rub that into that area, and then spray it with DMSO. The DMSO will act as a

potentiator and drive the NCD into that particular area under the skin. This can be enormously

valuable as a technique towards reaching your health goals.

Warning: DMSO is also a chemical solvent. Please be careful how you use it. Avoid putting

clothes back on while the DMSO is still wet on your skin after spraying. DMSO must be

completely absorbed and the skin dry before putting clothes on the affected area. It is a liquid

that has a high affinity for water molecules. If you open up a bottle in a humid climate you will

see the DMSO literally come out of the bottle like steam and move right into the water molecules

that are in the atmosphere. DMSO is naturally found in tree bark, phytoplankton, several

different types of amino acids, and many different foods, as well as in human organ and muscle


Start with small amounts of DMSO. If you take too much DMSO, wash it off with water as

quickly as possible, and rub it off as best you can.

Again, remember: DMSO must be used on the skin when it is free and unencumbered by

clothing. Wait until the DMSO is completely and fully absorbed before you put any clothing on

top of it, because the dye in the clothing can be carried directly into your skin if you are not

careful. This is a very critical point about DMSO.


Add NCD Liquid Zeolite into your morning water (maximum 15 drops, 3 times a day, to start)

with MSM powder (or ingest the capsules).

DMSO acts as a potentiator. Rub NCD Liquid Zeolite on to your skin and then add DMSO. The

DMSO will drive the Liquid Zeolite into your skin and increase its effectiveness (as explained



© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC




Triple Herbal Treasures: Wormwood, Cloves, Black Walnut


Mushroom Extracts:



Agaricus Blazei




AgariGold H1X1 (Agaricus Blazei Extract)


Blue Mangosteen

Cats Claw Extract powder

Citric Acid (Citrate)

Stage I:


Garlic is the most widely available medicine, the most powerful herb in the world, and it can be

found anywhere on this planet. Garlic has been used as both food and medicine in many cultures

for thousands of years, dating as far back as the Egyptian civilization.

There is no more powerful anti-viral on the earth than garlic. Garlic contains multiple

compounds and antioxidants including organo-sulfur compounds (diallyl sulfides), which are

believed to be responsible for most of its pharmacological and antimicrobial actions. Garlic is a

proven broad-spectrum antibiotic that combats harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, and


Garlic is known to contain many sulfur compounds including the sulfur-bearing amino acid

cystine, as well as various enzymatically active sulfur oils. Garlic contains at least 39 different

antibiotics and has a noteworthy history as a preventative for heart disease (which is a coronary

calcium occlusion caused by nanobacteria). It is believed that the sulfur compounds in garlic

facilitate the breakdown of the calcium shells of nanobacteria. The 39+ other antibiotic

compounds in garlic are known to kill whatever harmful organisms are left over.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Forms of Garlic: Aged garlic extracts can come in the form of liquids or capsules...both are


Recommended Use: Five to eight fresh cloves every third to fourth day of the SITS program. 7-

10 capsules of aged garlic extracts. (3500-5000mg per day)

Warning: Garlic in its fresh/raw form is not a tonic food/herb, meaning that it is not something to

be continuously taken every day. Therefore, we recommend a lifestyle that includes consuming

raw garlic 3 to 4 times a week maximum, as well as aged garlic extracts, which you can take

every day without over-stimulating yourself.

Triple Herbal Treasures:

The Triple Herbal Treasures are an important, integral piece of the puzzle during the initial

period of doing the SITS Program. It is a combination of three herbs well-tried, well-tested, wellknown,

and time-proven:



Black Walnut

The Triple Herbal Treasures act against the organisms sitting in the digestive tracts that are

producing viruses like a virus factory. These viruses keep the immune system chronically

suppressed. They keep the immune system in a constant state of overdrive, and thus distracted

from getting on top of major problems. These organisms have got to go.

We also know that these organisms are related to having a high amount of nanobacteria. Viruses

love to attach onto nanobacteria, and on top of that pile on bacteria, which attract fungi, which,

in turn, attract the flukes and worms that are floating around in the intestines. The flukes and

worms are the organisms that are at the top of the chain, and we need to get them out first.

This is where the Triple Herbal Treasures come into the picture. We do the Triple Herbal

Treasures for 100 days because they kill fluke and worm organisms and their eggs so that they

cannot reproduce. We have to hang in there for 100 days so that we can get all of these

opportunistic organisms out. Generally, their lifecycle is 90 days, so by continuing to take these

herbs which are aggressive against these undesirable organisms for 100 days, they are not going

to survive. That is why we put it in as Stage One of the SITS Program. Once you are done with

the 100 days of the Triple Herbal Treasures then you can move on to Stages Two and Three.

Let’s take a closer look at each component of the Triple Herbal Treasures:

Wormwood is a type of Artemisia. There are more than nine hundred Artemisia plants all over

the planet. This is a very common genus of plant. It contains very strong medicinal compounds.

If your liver is very sensitive, you need to do a very light amount of wormwood per day. I

recommend that you do the Triple Herbal Treasures as powders because I believe there are some


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

mechanical cleansing properties that, as those powders move through your digestive tract, the

burdensome critters that are hanging on in there (who are going to go unnamed, but whose name

usually begins with a “P”) die, because they consume the wormwood and cannot digest it. If you

take a wormwood alcohol extract you do not get that same effect because the extract never

makes it to the lower intestine.

Recommended Use: 100-500mg wormwood powder per day. Start out with a lesser dosage if you

feel you are sensitive to strong-acting, bitter herbs.

Cloves are from a tree that comes from Asia. A clove is a very aromatic flower. It has a beautiful

smell, and can be crushed and added to all sorts of drinks and smoothies to enhance the flavor.

This particular flower has a very powerful ability to take the stowaways and toss them off the

ship. The “stowaways” are the little guys that are hanging on to our liver, that are hanging on in

the small and large intestines, the ones that have stayed an extra day too long.

Recommended Use: 500-1000mg per day.

Black Walnut

With black walnut, the hull is actually the dried fruity membrane of what was once the skin of a

walnut. Walnuts are actually fruits, and the nut itself is the seed of the fruit, and the flesh of the

fruit is called the black walnut hull. There is also black walnut leaf. Both the hull and the leaf

actually taste reasonably good. Again, I prefer the powders because when these compounds, the

black walnut hull or leaf, move through our lower bowels they are actually toxic compounds to

those freeloaders, to the stowaways, the castaways, the extra organisms, the flukes and worms

we are carrying around that are getting a free lunch off of us.

Recommended Use: 500-1000mg per day.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Stage II:

Mushroom Extracts:



Agaricus Blazei




The medicinal mushrooms have a very strong lure in relationship to longevity. A big part of the

SITS Program involves not just the cleansing and the detoxification that comes from dropping

nanobacteria organisms out of our bodies and getting rid of the debris that they have created, but

it is also related to enhancing our life force energy enough to a level where we can extend our


The medicinal mushrooms add the intelligence to our immune systems. They help our immune

system create all the weapons, such as the T- fighter cells, NK cells, Helper T cells, lymphocytes,

as well as the “hydrogen peroxide spray” that our white blood cells produce to fry viruses, bad

bacteria, and harmful fungi with. These medicinal mushrooms are actually over 80% genetically

identical to the human body. They are more closely genetically aligned to the human body then

plants are. What does that mean? It means that the mushrooms are able to be utilized by our

immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, heart, liver, and kidneys better than

most other plant compounds.

The medicinal mushrooms are dual directional. That means that the medicinal mushrooms are

also capable of lowering our immune response if in fact our immune system overreacts to a

threat. Thus, they modulate our immune system reaction in both directions. Another way of

saying this is that they are intelligent. They create more intelligence at the interface of our

immune system armada with the pathogen (whether that pathogen is nanobacteria, virus, fungi,

mold, yeast, or something else).

Depending on what research you are reading you may have heard that mushrooms are bad for the

immune system, or that they cause and inflame Candida. This is absolutely incorrect. The

medicinal mushrooms are some of the most powerful anti-Candida substances in the world. In

fact, when someone comes to me with Candida, the very first thing I do is put them onto reishi

mushroom extracts. This gives their immune system the ability to be able to fight back.

The best quality mushrooms are those that are grown in controlled conditions or the wild

mushrooms found in the forest. If you pick wild mushrooms from the forest you might want to

leave them outside, upside down, in the sun to dry and they will actually develop vitamin D

inside themselves. You can then make a tea out of the dried wild mushroom and actually get

more vitamin D in your diet during the cold, wet months of winter.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

You can take whole mushrooms and break them up by hand (if you can) and make a tea out of

them. The general recommended technique for extracting the medicinal compounds out of

mushrooms is boiling the mushrooms. I do not often boil the mushrooms but I do make teas out

of them, and I still do get the medicinal compounds. You can take spring water, heat up a tea,

and put the mushrooms right into it.

If you have mushroom extracts you do not have to do any preparation. They are usually

encapsulated for you, and you can just take the capsules. If you have the powders you can throw

them right into drinks, smoothies, and food. Generally, if you have whole mushrooms you do not

want to cut them up into little pieces or grind them down because this can actually damage the

medicinal value. You always want to keep them in as natural a form as possible. The mushroom

chaga is the exception to this rule. You can grind chaga down with a mortar and pestle.

Warning: We have to be careful of the quality of mushrooms found at certain Chinese markets.

We also have to be a careful about misidentifying mushrooms. If you do not know exactly what

you are doing, avoid picking the mushrooms yourself. Find an expert, or to make it even easier,

take the medicinal mushroom extracts that you can purchase online or ones that are available in

health food stores.

Recommended Use: 3000mg per day.

Let’s take a look at one of the most powerful mushrooms on the planet:

AgariGold H1X1 (Agaricus Blazei):

AgariGold H1X1is a hybrid mushroom containing two types of Agaricus Blazei mushrooms that

have been genetically combined together in a 10-step patented, scientific process. This

mushroom is now widely considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants sources in the

world. Agaricus Blazei has been widely associated with the following benefits:

-Promoting overall health and well-being

-Playing a role in immune system modulation

-Nourishing the digestive system

-Supporting a healthy cardiovascular system

-Supporting normal blood sugar levels

-Protecting against free-radical damage

-Promoting energy

Agaricus blazei was originally discovered in Brazil by two researchers from Penn State who

visited the Sao Paulo, Brazil area. There, they discovered local natives who were extremely

healthy and had a very low rate of disease. The longevity rate was incredibly high with people

averaging lifespans well over 100. What was their secret? Research in the 1970s revealed it was

the consumption of a special kind of wild mushroom, known as the Agaricus blazei. In fact, the

natives referred to their locally grown Agaricus as, "The King of Mushrooms" or "The

Mushroom of Life."


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

This mushroom was crossbred with a particular mushroom strain of mushroom growing in

Northern California. This unique pair created an incredibly potent mushroom that is ten times

stronger than any Agaricus Mushroom in the world. Please note that already, by itself, Agaricus

is easily one of the top antioxidant and immune-enhancing mushroom/herbs on the planet. The

fact that AgariGold is TEN times more potent is even more astounding.

The active components of Agaricus blazei are believed to be its polysaccharides, beta 1,3-glucan

and beta 1,6-glucan. These beta glucans stimulate immune activity, specifically the T-cell

subsets. The new strain of Agaricus, exclusively distributed as “AgariGold H1X1”, contains a

specifically potent beta glucans polysaccharides. The beta-D-glucan and other polysaccharides

specifically activa te the immune system's cells (such as macrophages, interferon, T cells, and

natural killer cells).

Research studies over the last 25 years have shown Agaricus blazei to stimulate the immune

system and promote natural mechanisms to battle infectious disease. Agaricus blazei stimulates

lymphocyte T-cell and Helper T-cell production. The polysaccharides contained in Agaricus

blazei stimulate production of interferon and interleukin. Also, Agaricus blazei is a very

powerful antiviral agent that prevents viruses from entering healthy tissues.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Stage III:

Blue Mangosteen

Cat’s Claw

Citric Acid

Blue Mangosteen:

Blue Mangosteen plays two main roles in the SITS Program: The first is the power of the

alkaloid compounds in the mangosteen fruit rind, which deliver 40 antioxidant nutraceutical

xanthone alkaloids each with a different array of healing properties. The three most well-studied

mangosteen xanthones at this time are: alpha-mangostin, gamma-mangostin, and garcinone E.

These alkaloids assist the immune system in fighting nanobacteria as well as whatever viruses,

fungi, yeasts, and infections have been lying dormant in the body.

Because of the mangosteen’s long history of effective use against conditions like arthritis and

heart disease, whose root cause is a nanobacteria infection, we can easily confirm that Blue

Mangosteen specifically fights nanobacteria in the body.

The second role of Blue Mangosteen in the SITS Program is its "clean up crew" action. As a

stem cell production booster, blue mangosteen he lps the cells and tissues in the body rejuvenate

and rebuild faster due to the antioxidant-rich blue pigments in the blue-green algae that help

stimulate the production of stem cells.

Blue Mangosteen has also been found to promote the following:

-Healthy joints

-Inflammation reduction

-Free-radical scavenging (due to high antioxidant levels of the ingredients)

-Greater mental energy, focus, and attention span

-An enhanced immune system

-An overall sense of well-being

Recommended Use: 2,000mg per day

Cat’s Claw:

Cat’s Claw is a vine that comes from South America. It grows in the Amazon where the root

bark is then stripped off and made into herbal teas. It is ground into powder and turned into

medicine. Cat’s Claw has tremendous anti-viral components. I have lived in South America on

Cat’s Claw tea for weeks at a time. It is one of the most delicious and incredible tasting teas. It

also has a tremendous medicinal component. When you go to South America and you are dealing

with the common cold, people do not take an aspirin or any kind of drug, they drink Cat’s Claw



© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Cat’s Claw is a very powerful nanobacteria destroyer because it modulates down the bad calcium

and helps us to absorb the good calcium. The whole SITS Program is about getting that harmful

calcification out of the body. To restate the point, nanobacteria when the grow coral colonies will

then manifest in numerous “conditions” throughout the body — the calcification of the coronary

artery (heart disease), the calcification of the circulatory system (atherosclerosis), the

calcification of the ear canal (hard of hearing), the calcification of the eye (cataracts), etc.

Coming in as an herbal immune booster, Cat’s Claw is an essential part if the SITS Program that

helps reverse years of bad calcium buildup within the body.

Recommended Use: 1,000-2,000mg per day

Citric Acid:

Citric acid destroys nanobacteria once the shells have been broken down. The medical history

and the peer reviewed medical journals on nanobacteria have conclusively demons trated that

citric acid kills the actual nanobacteria organism underneath the shell (those slug- like “jelly


Citric acid is the acid we taste in citrus fruit. It was first extracted from lemons. If you do not like

taking a concentrated supplement of citric acid, you can always use lemon juice instead. There

has been a correlation demonstrated between the breakdown of calcium deposits and the

consumption of lemon juice in herbal literature. We know that lemon and lime have some pretty

extensive properties beyond being something that helps make our drinks taste good. It has been

found that not only do they help increase hydration, but they also have the citric acid component

that aids in immunity and longevity.

Recommended Use: 2,000 to 4,000 mg per day

Citric acid is available in tablet, capsule, and powder form. You can pour it into your morning

water, throw a pinch of celtic sea salt in there, add a squeeze a lemon, put in some MSM and

several drops of NCD Liquid Zeolite and drink it down. Next thing you know you have activated

a whole piece of the SITS Program simply by drinking your morning water.

Warning: Higher dosages of citric acid are not recommended. Not everyone necessarily agrees

with citric acid, so we recommend that you test your own metabolism and see what works for


Final Tip on how to use Herbal Immune Boosters:

The Herbal Immune Booster portion of the SITS Program is to be taken primarily with one’s

morning water, with lunch, and with mid-afternoon snacks.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC



Metabolic Enzymes (Beauty EnzymesTM)

Adaptogen Formula (Superherbs)



Vitamin C plant powders (Camu Camu, Acerola, or Pure Radiance C)


Angstrom Zinc

Krill Oil

Vitamin B12

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton

In Step Three, we use the cell rejuvenating supplements to help our immune system take out all

the toxins and waste products that have been stirred up during Steps One and Two. Step Three is

about cleaning up the mess that is leftover on the “battlefield”. By taking these specific enzymes,

amino acids, and superfoods, the Cell-Rejuvenating Supplements will go in and eat up all the

garbage that is leftover and make everything brand new--like Pac Man!



The discovery of enzymes is one of the greatest breakthroughs ever achieved in nutrition. Only

raw foods and enzyme supplements contain enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed by the cooking

process. Enzymes help with weight loss, they accelerate detoxification/cleansing and greatly

assist the digestive process by transforming amino acids, fats, starches, and minerals into a form

usable by the body. Enzymes also increase nutrient assimilation and help rejuvenate aged skin

and internal organs.

Enzymes are catalysts, transforma tive elements that act within the body to create healthy change.

On a physical level, enzymes help to overcome digestive lethargy. When we eat food, we utilize

enzymes to digest. When we move our body, when we breathe, when we walk and do all the

different things we do in a day, even if we are just sitting, we are using enzymes. There are two

different kinds of enzymes:

1) Digestive enzymes. These are the enzymes that help us digest food.

2) Metabolic enzymes. These enzymes help with our daily bodily functions. These functions are

limitless. They include: supporting the liver in its clean up function; moving our muscles;

thinking; breathing; cellular reproduction, aiding our cardiovascular system; and utilizing our

nervous system.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Metabolic enzymes function specifically to help break down excess waste and allows our body to

then excrete it naturally through our bowels, kidneys, urine, our skin, our sweat, and through our

lungs when we breathe out toxins.

Enzymes are known to reduce what is called c-reactive protein, which is a marker of

inflammation. Let’s say you just had blood work done and your doctor says that you have a very

high level of c-reactive protein. What that means is that you have a nanobacteria problem and,

therefore, you have to be ve ry careful. Because your inflammation is going up, the time bomb is

ticking. This means that the nanobacteria are starting to significantly hinder normal metabolism.

It could be in your cardiovascular system, it could be in your joints, it could be anywhere in your

body — wherever it is, we still have to get the c-reactive protein down. Medical science has

found that the best way to do this is with enzymes. I agree with this conclusion. Whenever you

throw enzymes into the equation, your health is enhanced dramatically.

Enzymes facilitate the breakdown of scar tissue that has formed on our skin or in our bodies.

Nanobacteria have an affinity to grow and reproduce where we have been injured (scarred).

Metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes have an affinity to help repair injured scar tissue.

The digestive and metabolic enzymes both have a tremendous history. Because I want to make it

easy for you, I developed an enzyme product in 2002, using the best enzymes in the world I

could find from Japan. I brought them all together into one product that could be certified

organic (although there is no such thing as a certified organic enzyme according to the

government so I cannot put that on the label). This product, called Beauty EnzymesTM, is both a

digestive enzyme and a metabolic enzyme, and is an industry leader unlike any enzyme product

available anywhere on the market today.

Recommended Use: 2000-4000mg per day

Adaptogen Formulas:

Adaptogen formulas are specific herbs utilized in conjunction with one another that help your

body adapt to different types of stress. The entire point of the SITS Program is to begin to stack

the odds in our favor so that everything we are doing is moving us towards feeling younger,

having more vitality, and being able to deal with stress in a much more relaxed manner.

Adaptogens are known to increase our overall health, immune system, endurance, athletic

prowess by as much as 10%.

Adaptogen formulas consist of simple, well known, time-proven herbs that are put together in a

specific way so that they enhance and work together better than if they were taken separately.

These adaptogen formulas are based on thousands-of-years-old traditional Chinese medicine

wisdom. Some examples of powerful herbal adaptogens are:



Rhodiola (Arctic Root)


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Eucommia Bark

Schizandra Berry


Ho Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)

Licorice Root


These adaptogens rejuvenate and re-grow the “inner garden” within our bodies, helping the

tissues and organs repair themselves returning everything back to brand new. You can either buy

these herbs pre-encapsulated or get them in powder form and then mix them together yourself.

You can also encapsulate them yourself or simply throw them into your superfood smoothie.

When choosing and purchasing herbs, I recommend looking at the following five critical areas:

1) Use certified organic or ethically wildcrafted herbs.

2) Low Temperature drying. This is critical. We want to keep the enzymes intact. We don’t want

to overheat or boil the substances to the point where the lifeforce is destroyed.

3) We want our herbs as freshly processed as possible. There are volatile elements in all foods

and as a result, over a period of time, foods, even dried herbs, do break down.

4) Listen to your body. Some herbs will agree with you more than others. Tune into what is

going on in your body and you will find the right adaptogen formula for you.

5) Pick two or three herbs that work in combination with each other. The basic idea of herbalism

is that you have the primary herb, the secondary supporting herb, and then the third herb that

helps with the synergy and brings it all together. Three herbs working together form a specific

adaptogen result.

Recommended Use: 2500 mg per day

For extensive information on each adaptogen herb, its medicinal properties, and recommended

usage, please consult the extended version of David Wolfe’s SITS Program.


Lysine is an amino acid that interferes with the reproductive mechanism of viruses and

nanobacteria. This is supercritical because it puts a problem in front of these organisms so that

they cannot replicate properly. We don’t want nanobacteria or viruses replicating in our bodies!

We want to stop them in their tracks and lysine is the amino acid that is able to help do this.

One of the best natural sources of lysine is bee pollen and royal jelly. You can also take

supplemental lysine or encapsulated lysine.

Recommended Use: Start with 1000 mg per day. Increase to 1500 mg per day


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Note: Make sure that you are using vegetarian capsules. Normal capsules that you see are made

out of gelatin and gelatin is an animal byproduct. This is not the best ever.

Vitamin C-Containing Plant Powders:

The best kind of vitamin C is the vitamin C that is found naturally in plants that are then low

temperature dried into a powder. This powder can be easily added into your smoothie, water, or

food. You can also encapsulate these powders (or purchase them pre-encapsulated). However

you choose to take it, vitamin C is a super critical part of the SITS Program.

Vitamin C is all about rejuvenating and repairing tissues quickly. If you are injured or have had

a surgery, taking high amounts of high vitamin C containing plant powders has been known to

help speed the healing process by up to two or three times faster. Vitamin C has also been found

to be critical in improving the effectiveness of both the medicinal mushrooms (from Step Two of

the SITS Program) and MSM (From step one of the SITS Program). If you are taking sulfur

(MSM) and the medicinal mushrooms, by taking Vitamin C plant powders on top of that, you

can triple the effectiveness of these substances.

Forms of Vitamin C: You can get vitamin C plant powders in capsules or as a powder. The

powder can be added to anything. You can even take it straight — just put it on your tongue!

Usually it is a little tangy, but it has a great taste and flavor. You can even add it into desserts!

Recommended Use: 2000-3000 mg per day


We see that people are chronically deficient in magnesium, sulfur, calcium, silicon and major

minerals that we really need. With the mineral deficiency syndrome that is becoming common in

our civilization, zinc has been forced into taking a ‘back up” role. Zinc comes in and fills the

gaps to make sure our bodies do not completely break down. Therefore, what ends up happening

as a result is that people eventually become deficient in zinc.

Zinc supports our liver, skin, and every single powerhouse (mitochondria) within all the cells in

our bodies. The energy-producing mitochondria have a component of zinc in them, and if that

zinc is missing then we cannot produce the right kind of energy in our body. We know, for

example, when someone has chronic viral problems that in almost every case they are deficient

in zinc.

Zinc is displaced out of our system by heavy metal toxicity. When we do the SITS Program, we

start breaking down calcification and unloading all of the heavy metals stored within the shells.

Angstrom zinc is critical in that we have to get the zinc back into the receptor sites where the

heavy metals were previously resting. As part of the cell rejuvenation program, after we have

removed the debris, we need to re-mineralize the “inner soil”, we need to start “growing inner

gardens” again and that is where zinc comes in.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Recommended Use: (0.5 ounce daily sublingual absorption) or Zinc Picolinate (30-50 mg per


Krill Oil:

Figuratively speaking, krill are the “little ants” of the sea, as they are the most common major

animal organism in the world. Their biomass spreads thousands of miles wide in the oceans.

During peak times of reproduction, the seas are literally teeming with these “little microscopic


Along with phytoplankton, krill are the primary food source of whales. For examples, a 200 ton

blue whale eats around a ton and a half of krill a day. The whale has the largest nervous system,

the largest brain, the largest spinal cord, the largest nerve fiber network of any organism in the

world. They have to be building all that nervous system material out of something, and what is

it? Krill.

We need to get the right nutrition, especially to the brain and the nerves, and the best way to do

this is with krill oil. The best and most useable and bio-available source of EPA and DHA (also

known as Omega-3 fatty acids), krill oil has a super high antioxidant content. It also contains

high amounts of phospholipids, which help the EPA and DHA work better. In comparison to

cod liver oil, krill oil is a much cleaner choice. Krill reproduce so rapidly and are so abundant,

they can never be fished out of the oceans.

Recommended Use: 1000-2000 mg per day

Note: Krill oil usually comes packaged in a gel cap. Soon, there will be vegetarian gel caps of

krill oil available. Currently, it is in gelatin, which is unfortunate, but what we recommend is that

you bite into the capsules, squeezing the oil out, and then spit out the gelatin or the soft gel.

Warning: If you have a seafood allergy it is important to know that you cannot consume krill oil.

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton:

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton is an incredible discovery! This is a superfood that

contains all known minerals, all known amino acids, almost everything you could name that

could be potentially missing in our nutrition! Phytoplankton also contains Omega-3 fatty acids

and phospholipids, which enables the krill oil, as well as other superfoods and foods, to work

more effectively.

If you are a strict vegan or vegetarian and do not believe in consuming any animal products at

all, then we recommend the Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton. This will supply you with an

essential form of Omega-3 (EPA) that is different from what is in flax and hemp seed.

Marine phytoplankton also help produce cellular energy without any calories. It accomplishes

this by working with the mitochondria which are the energy power houses of the cell.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Normally, our bodies have to break down everything we are eating into little packets of protein,

sugar, fats and oils, which are then put into one end of the mitochondria factory, and are then spit

out the other side as tiny energy units of ATP, ADP, AGP, etc. This is the currency of the cell,

that is used to produce energy. The phytoplankton actually feed the mitochondria directly with

the energy currency they require so the cell can produce energy quickly and effectively without

having to go through all the energy of digestion.

Recommended Use: One drop is effective. Start with 1, 2, or 3 drops — build up to a 7 drops

level as a maximum per day.

Warning: In regards to dosage, we really do mean “drops”, and not “dropperfulls”. Ocean’s

Alive Marine Phytoplankton is a HIGHLY concentrated and potent product. One can always take

more, but a small amount will still do the trick!

Vitamin B-12:

Vitamin B-12 is a critical piece of the SITS Program for a number of reasons. Most people in

our culture are chronically deficient in vitamin B-12. This is because cooking kills and destroys

vitamin B-12 naturally present within the food. So if we eat meat for our source of vitamin B-

12, we are probably not going to be able to get it because it has been cooked. Also, because not

everyone chooses to eat meat, and because much of the meat commercially available is

contaminated with pesticides, hormones, and a variety of other harmful toxins, we recommend

getting your B-12 from a plant source to ensure quality and safety (Ocean’s Alive Marine

Phytoplankton, spirulina, blue-green algae, seaweeds, and sea vegetables like kelp). However,

not all the B-12 in plant products are useable to the human body. Therefore, we must turn to


We recommend methylcobalamin as the best form of B-12 to supplement with. It is a methylated

form of vitamin B-12, which means that it is much more absorbable and it is different from what

is normally on a store shelf (cyanocobalamin). Methylcobalamin is highly bioavailable.

You can simply put it under your tongue as it absorbs right in. In this way you can get a high

dosage of vitamin B-12. A big problem has been over the years is that people cannot get vitamin

B-12 from the traditional cyanocobalamin supplements. Therefore, people have had to get

vitamin B12 injections. I do not want anyone to have to do this — there are better solutions. I

have discovered that methylcobalamin works much better. This is why I recommend it first.

Vitamin B-12 is water-soluble and therefore our bodies can hold onto it for a while, but not

forever. That is why we must replenish B vitamins, especially B-12, over a long period of time.

We need to have some sources of B-12 coming into our bodies. If we have been a vegetarian or a

vegan for a long period of time we may be deficient in vitamin B-12. If we have been eating lots

of cooked foods over the years and a lot of sugar, we may also be deficient in vitamin B-12.

What does Vitamin B-12 do in our bodies? Vitamin B-12 acts to deactivate homocysteine, a

chaotic amino acid byproduct of nanobacteria infections. As the homocysteine level goes up in

our bloodstream, the chaos starts to ens ue. For example, the number one marker of a potential


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

heart attack is an elevated level of homocysteine in the bloodstream. It is much more accurate

than a cholesterol test in this regard.

Once the homocysteine reaches a certain level, it is inevitable that a heart attack will occur. If

this is the case, it is imperative that we get the homocysteine levels down. We know that

homocysteine is related to nanobacteria infections, we know that homocysteine causes all kinds

of metabolic disorders, and that it eventually will trigger a heart attack. Because we also know

that homocysteine can be deactivated by vitamin B-12 we must take action. If we are 40, 50, or

older, there is no question that homocysteine is beginning to become a problem. Luckily, with

vitamin B-12, we have a solution.

Recommended Use: 1,000 mg per day

QUICK TIPS on how to incorporate Step Three into your daily routine:

1. Lysine should be taken thirty minutes before food anytime during the day.

2. Beauty EnzymesTM should be taken between breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in the middle of

the night (preferably midnight). They can also be taken with larger meals or any cooked food.

3. The adaptogen formula can be easily taken with the morning smoothie.

4. The vitamin C powders can be taken with MSM or anytime with or without food (with the

morning smoothie is good time).

5. Angstrom liquid zinc should be taken homeopathically (0.5 ounce in the mouth and held under

the tongue for 2+ minutes) in the morning.

6. If you choose zinc picolinate instead of liquid zinc, it can be taken with food any time during

the day.

7. Krill oil can be taken once with dinner at the end of the day. If you are engaged in intense

athletics and physical performances during the day, krill oil can be taken one hour prior to


8. Vitamin B-12 can be taken sublingually before bedtime.

9. Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton can be added to your water, favorite beverage, or food

any time you like, but preferably when you need a little extra energy without excess



© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Special Note on all Recommended Usages within the SITS Program:

This program must begin gently and continued in the phased Stages provided. You should also

increase your dosages gradually in a way that does not cause an uncomfortable, fast, and intense

detoxification. The total quantities/dosages provided in this system are close-to-maximum

amounts. Begin with less. This is something that each individual must calibrate. A universal

approach is presented and we must remember that each individual is different and unique.

Progress at the appropriate pace for you. If in doubt, start with less. Sometimes less is more.

Special Note: All dosages are strong, medium- to-high dosage values. When first starting out

taking these products, please begin with half the recommended value.

In Step One: begin with 15-25 drops of Zeolites (per day), 1250mg of MSM, 1000mg of Cat’s

Claw and 1000mg Citric Acid.

In Step Two, add: 1000 mg garlic extract, 200 mg wormwood, 500 mg cloves, 500 mg black


In Step Three, add: 1000 mg of Beauty Enzymes and 500 mg of Adaptogen Herbs and so on.

Take one day off from the entire SITS Program per week. Once every other week, take two days

off. For example: the first week, take Sunday off; during the second week take Saturday and

Sunday off. The third week, take Sunday off; the fourth week take Saturday and Sunday off, etc.

A few additional days off each month are advised occasionally, such as the full moon and the

new moon.

As your body adapts to the superherbs and superfoods, you can slowly increase your dosages as

you feel appropriate. Listen to your body. Do not push for results. They will definitely come. Be

gentle and patient with yourself. The SITS Program is a program that you can be on for life! So

take it easy and do not overdo it, especially in the beginning. If you detoxify the body too

quickly you may experience a host of unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects. So be gentle!


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC



Zapper (The Terminator model or Dr. Clark's models)


Barefoot Technologies

MRS-2000+ Mattress Pad (MediConsult Brand)

Stage I:


In the 20th century it was discovered that certain types of electromagnetic wave forms (or EMF

fields) were very harmful to the human body. It was also discovered that certain EMF fields were

very helpful to the human body. So helpful, in fact, that they had the power to enhance our

immune system and give us the ability to overcome certain types of chronic conditions. The

zapper is the product of one of the friendly EMF discoveries and it is a critical part of the SITS

Program. Its technology represents one of the great breakthroughs in science because, especially

because it is so easy to use.

Zappers are simple electronic devices that operate at a low voltage. They send square wave

signals throughout the body that damage and/or destroy all viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungi.

The zapper is a small portable electronic device that needs to be touching your skin to be

effective. Zappers may cause a slight tingling sensation on the skin, but they do not damage

healthy tissue. You can use it while you rest, work, sit, drive, and/or do your daily tasks.

Because they work along pathways of electromagnetic activity, Zappers are particularly effective

at relieving the emotional trauma caused by tenacious nervous system disorders (such as herpes

and Lyme's disease). By following the SITS Program, within the first six months, zappers can

assist to stop herpes outbreaks in nearly all cases. After six months, outbreaks will stop and the

herpes infection will begin to deactivate and disassemble at its root in the nerve ganglia of the


Recommended use: Although 60 minute sessions of "zapping" are recommended in the SITS

Program, zappers may be worn all day and all night continuously with only beneficial effects.

You can use zappers while you rest, work, sit, drive, do your daily tasks, etc.

Remember: In general, it is recommended that you zap for one hour before noon, for one hour

after noon and for one hour in the late evening. Any amount of zapping is better than none-even

just one minute!


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Stage II:

Barefoot Technologies:

Standing barefoot on the earth and connecting to the natural frequencies of the earth connects the

human body with an unlimited supply of free electrons resident in and on the surface of the earth.

Standing barefoot on the earth also connects the human body with rhythmic cycles of the earth’s

energy field. These are essential for synchronizing biological clocks, hormonal cycles and

physiological rhythms.

Because our modern lifestyle prohibits most people from spending time in direct contact with the

earth, Barefoot Connections™ products were designed to help make the connection –in a simple,

easy way at home and at work.

Research has revealed that reconnecting with the electrons and natural frequencies on the surface

of the earth can:

Improve Energy

Enhance Recovery

Improve Sleep

Relieve Muscle Tension

Restore Normal Biological Rhythms

For more information on the benefits of Barefoot Technologies, please see the extensive version

of the SITS program on Coming June 10th 2008!

MRS-2000+ Mattress (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation):

The MRS-2000+ is a Magnetic Resonance Technology from Germany that accelerates healing.

This device has two attachments (the cushion and the probe) that produce a similar waveform to

the zapper except that it is magnetic instead of electric.

The MRS-2000+ also has a mat attachment that emits a sophis ticated pulsing triple saw tooth

wave pattern (0.5-15hz) with millions of pulsating frequencies designed to help increase the

oxygenation and nutrition of every cell and tune our bodies in to the Earth’s natural magnetic

field. The natural Earth frequencies stimulate the cells in your body to work more efficiently and

gently ease your body into homeostasis.

The healing properties of pulsing magnetic fields influence every cell in the body. With the

proliferation of computers and other electronic equipment, our exposure to harmful


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

electromagnetic forces (EMFs) is on the rise. Because of this, our ability to heal is impaired and

our immune systems are compromised.

By flooding our bodies with the Earth’s magnetic field in a condensed low-energy form by using

the MRS-2000+, the body is returned to its original, optimal state of function and is therefore

able to recover from chronic problems and acute injuries as well as absorb oxygen and other

important nutrients up to 200% more efficiently. The MRS-2000+ also reduces and eliminates

pain, helps the body overcome sleep disorders, boosts the immune system, and promotes strong


Recommended use: The MRS-2000+ is extremely easy to use. You can sleep on it, rest on it, or

sit on it (even while you are on your computer!) — It is so simple to use! For example, one

eight-minute session laying on the mat continues to work within your body for 6-8 hours. By

using the MRS-2000+ mat on a daily basis you reconnect your body to the natural resonance of

the Earth and thus re-activate your own innate healing abilities.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

The Diet Connection

We know that animals in nature, for the most part, are eating an extraordinary diet, an original,

raw- food diet rich in minerals and vitamins. This is probably the way we were designed to eat.

But those animals do have a life span and at some point they will die. What is it that takes out a

wild animal? What is it that will cause, for example, a turtle or an eagle to die?

It appears to be that the great undertaker found in nature are the nanobacteria organisms, which

very slowly, yet eventually, calcify even the most noble mammals, birds, reptiles, and

amphibians. The calcification causes their range of motion to decrease and, ultimately, brings

their life to an end. Therefore, even if we eat the best diet ever, and I highly recommend that we

do, we still will not achieve the longevity that is possible. We will achieve a longevity that

perhaps a wild turtle, or one of the great animals of the world will achieve, but we will never

experience extraordinary longevity.

A big part of my work has been discovering the answer to the question of, “How do we achieve

extreme longevity like that of, for example, the Daoist masters and Vedic yogis?” It appears that

they understood what I am describing in the SITS Program that there are organisms calcifying

our tissues that will eventually get us in the end unless we do something about it. Knowing this,

these great masters took active steps herbally and alchemically in order to drive these organisms

out of their bodies.

If one is exposed to conventional, mass produced foods, beverages, and substances with the

following characteristics (see below) on a regular basis, it is highly likely that the toxic load

generated by this exposure will impair the immune system. This inevitably creates a firm bed for

the nanobacteria to grow internally wherever there are regions of energy stagnation along the

body's complex nervous, circulatory, organ, and skeletal systems.

Therefore, by making poor diet choices, we might actually be prematurely wiping ourselves out,

as nanobacteria appear to be hitting people earlier than ever. It is very likely that the rise in

debilitating chronic conditions is closely linked to the toxic load generated by the following

substances and types of contamination:

1. Toxin contamination: phthalates and bisphenol A used in plastics, furans, toluene and xylene

petrochemicals; polychlorinated biphenyls, perfluorooctanoic acids used to make stainresistant,

non-stick products; and polybrominated-diphenyl-ethers used in mattresses, couches,

and carpets, etc.

2. Pesticide and fertilizer food contamination: Only organic food is free from the following

common dangerous pesticides: anilzine, azinphos-methyl, benomyl, BHC, bifenthrin, captan,

carbaryl, carbofuran, DDE, diazinon, dicofol, dieldrin, dimethoate, diphenyl 2-ethylhexyl

phosphate, endosulfan I-II, endosulfan sulfate, folpet, iprodione, iprodione metabolite isomer,

malathion, methamidophos, methiocarb, methomyl, mevinphos, omethoate, parathion-methyl,

propargite, styrene, toxaphene, vinclozolin, etc. These are all pesticides that are commonly

used and found on grocery store shelves.


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

3. Hormonally-altered substances (for example, rBGH milk)

4. Genetically modified substances (for example, soy, corn, potato, etc.)

5. Grain- fed factory farmed meat (known to be heavily contaminated with nanobacteria)

This list of toxic substances is a guide to primary considerations of what to avoid when ingesting

anything. To simplify, that means avoiding factory farmed meat (i.e., normal meat bought in a

grocery store), genetically modified food of any kind, hormonally altered milk substances, and

all pesticide and fertilized food (only consume organic and/or wild-grown food). It is essential

that you choose organic food as much as possible.

It is also important that we do our best to avoid some of the very severe toxic substances found

in carpets, new mattresses, non-organic couches, and other furniture, etc. Although I recognize

that it may not be immediately possible to remove these products from your everyday life, I

encourage you to seek eco- friendly alternatives as best you can.

It appears that nanobacteria are able to co-opt, or incorporate into their structure, these kinds of

toxic materials (e.g. mercury, pesticides, plastics etc.) out of the internal environment of the

human body. They use these toxic substances as part of their protective biofilm which then

solidifies into a calcium phosphate crystal armor. This armor is then laden with built- in toxic

debris shielding.

As our bodies start breaking these toxic bad calcium shells down, the mercury can be excreted,

and the pesticides are all of a sudden back out again. This is one of the reasons why we have to

be very careful with cleansing. Because we have brought in substances that break down these

shells, we need to have a great “clean-up crew” to come in behind and support the immune

system, making sure that we wipe out all the toxins being released.

This is why the SITS Program has been designed in these four particular stages. We want to

make sure that not only can you heal yourself and lower your level of calcification, but also that

you do not re-toxify yourself by releasing all these toxins back into your system. The SITS

Program provides many different technologies that help get this toxic debris out that have built

up in our bodies over the course of our lifetime. The SITS Program does this safely and


The more toxic and individual’s internal environment, the more capable are the nanobacteria of

forming, "more powerful and toxic than usual" calcium phosphate shells. As the hidden ring

leader, nanobacteria infections in a toxic body create the perfect staging ground for a myriad of

viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Nanobacteria allow these infections to become chronic.

I strongly recommend that you take action with your diet and make purer, cleaner choices by

looking into a raw, organic plant-based diet. If one switches to a raw, organic plant-based diet

filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, sprouts, herbs, and superfoods (as described

in my books The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating For Beauty), the toxic load can be


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

lightened, the immune system enhanced, and great strides can be taken towards clearing energy

blockages, attaining wonderful health, and achieving the longevity you deserve!

Stepping into extreme longevity is going to require strategy, knowledge, spiritual research,

emotional release work, inspired dedication, and determination. But I believe with the SITS

Program as a foundation, we have the best longevity strategy yet created. Thankfully, all this is

now possible, thanks to the wide-spread availability of information on superior health and

healing technology.

I believe the Super Immune Tonic System represents the first step in recent history of cracking

the code to extreme longevity, peak-performance, and divine physical health. We need to act on

the SITS Program immediately if we want to get our viral loads down, get our immune system

ramped up, push nanobacteria into a small corner, and really start living!

NOTE: This was a condensed version of the SITS Program. The

entire SITS program (including a Comprehensive Printed Manual,

Exclusive DVD and CD Recordings, Glossary and Quick Start

Guide) will be available for sale at on

June 10th 2008. To purchase, simply click on the button labeled:

Super Immune Tonic System!


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC


1. Drink Pure Water:

Nothing is better than fresh ice-cold, living spring water at the source. You should always do the

best you can to get the highest-quality drinking water you can discover. Drink at least 1 ounce of

water for every 2 pounds of body weight while on this Program. Bathe in ice cold spring water

whenever possible.

2. Eat a Plant -Based Diet:

See the sample menus listed at the end of the extended version SITS Program for the best food

choices ever! We have also included dozens of recipes for you to experiment with. Choose the

foods you like the best and add them into your current diet until every meal makes a happy,

healthier you!

3. Add Probiotics into your diet: (acidophilus, bifidus, L. salivarius, L. bulgaricus, etc.)

These are friendly bacteria that will greatly improve the environment in the digestive system and

intestinal tracts.

4. Drink SUN Herbal Superteas:

SUN Herbal Superteas are a specific herbal formula made into a tea to support the immune

system and boost energy. A wonderful SUN Herbal Supertea includes the combination of the

following herbs: chancapiedra (and/or gravel root), pau d'arco, cat's claw, vanilla bean, goji

berries, and nettles. Also, please review the informa tion on herbal teas in Part IV: Chocolate

Alchemy in my book Naked Chocolate.

These herbs act in conjunction with the SITS Program as Calcium Phosphate Dissolvers.

These SUN Superteas can be consumed on a semi-regular basis (5 days a week). These herbs

contain clathrating compounds that appear to strip down calcium phosphate, apatite, and/or

biofilms formed by nanobacteria.

5. Colonics:

I recommend six colonic treatments initially followed by regular once a month visits. Be sure

that your colon hydrothe rapist uses purified water and implants you with Bifidus infantis (a

friendly bacteria) at the end of each session so that you maintain great bacterial flora in the


6. Breathe Properly:


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

According to longevity specialist Peter Ragnar, 70% of the toxins in our body can be eliminated

by proper, deep breathing. By learning to breathe correctly, we can eliminate these toxins from

the body.

7. Get enough sleep:

Sleep is essential. Sleep is important for our minds and bodies to function normally. If we don’t

get enough sleep we can begin to have problems concentrating, learning, and operating at peakperformance

levels. Not getting enough sleep influences our physical and mental state

dramatically. Therefore, always make sure you get plenty of quality rest. Listen to your body.

Rest when you need to.

8. Exercise Regularly:

Yoga: Yoga is a very effective way to squeeze out all the toxins loosened up by the SITS

Program. The most powerful yoga poses are inversions (where your hips are above your heart)

and nauli (stomach muscle work).

Chi Gong: Practice the basics of Chi Gong. Learn from a practitioner, a DVD, or a good book.

Body work and massage: Seek out excellent massage therapists. Utilize the wisdom and skills

of Maori Romi Romi body workers, and Rolfing practitioners to break up cellular memories in

damaged, inflamed, and/or necrotic tissues.

9. Cellercise (Rebounding)

Rebounding is one of the most effective ways to exercise. The following benefits can be

experienced from rebounding:

Weight Loss

Toned muscles

Revitalization of energy levels

Melting away of fat

Cell rejuvenation

Stress relief

Increased circulation

10. Learn how to Meditate:

Meditation reduces and eliminates stress and tension within the body and the mind. It is the most

effective way to create and cultivate inner peace which is vital in today’s fast-paced, modern

world. A healthy body is useless without a healthy, happy mind.

11. Fasting:


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

Fasting has been used for health recovery for thousands of years. The process of fasting allows

the body to cleanse the cells of accumulated toxins and waste products.

Read The Sunfood Diet Success System for more information on the benefits of fasting and how

to fast safely and effectively.

12. Educate Yourself:

Please review the list of books, articles, and websites provided at the end of this document. This

is some of the best nutrition information available, and is brought to you by the world’s leading




Aspartame (and other artificial sweeteners)

Bottled/Canned Juices

Canned Food

Conventional Produce

Conventional Meat

Diet Soda

Fast Food

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Hydrogenated Oils

Junk Food (artificially processed chips, candy, crackers, and cooked chocolate)

Dairy Products

Microwaved Food


Nuts (raw or cooked, eaten in excess)

Nonstick Cookware

Pasteurized Products

Pre-Packaged frozen food meals


Processed and Sweetened Chocolate (raw cacao is great to eat however)

Refined Grain Products (Pasta)

Refined Sugar

Soy Foods (including tofu and tempeh)

Tap Water

Table Salt


© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

If you enjoyed this E-Book Summary and would like to purchase the entire SITS Program and/or

the SITS Products, please visit and click on the button labeled: Super

Immune Tonic System.

More Information about Nanobacteria, please visit:

Other Resources on Nanobacteria and its harmful effects:


The Calcium Time Bomb by Douglas Mulhall and Katja Hansen


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© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

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The content of this document is not medical or dental advice and is not meant to replace the advice of a

licensed healthcare practitioner. This information has not been approved by the FDA. The content of this

document is not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

Neither the author, publisher, nor the distributor of this information will be held liable for any use or

misuse of the content herein. What you do must be the result of your own conclusions.

The reader is by no means asked to believe anything that has been written in this document. Individual

independent research is encouraged. If one believes that this work is attempting to provide information

intended to cure anyone of anything, then one must immediately realize this information has nothing to do

with "curing." This document is provided for informational purposes only.

IMPORTANT: This document is not to be reproduced or distributed without the express consent of the



© Copyright 2008 David Wolfe and The Best Day Ever, LLC

NOTE: This was a condensed version of the SITS Program. The

entire SITS program (including a Comprehensive Printed Manual,

Exclusive DVD and CD Recordings, Glossary and Quick Start

Guide) will be available for sale at on

June 10th 2008. To purchase, simply click on the button labeled:

Super Immune Tonic System!

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