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Light Warrior Tactics - Fearlessness on the Spiritual Path

Light Warrior Tactics - Fearlessness on the Spiritual Path

Posted by: The Culture of Life on 6/11/2010

By Boaz Blain

There comes at least one point in the spiritual journey where we are confronted by fear, confusion, and uncertainty about going any further. As the truth of the spiritual dimensions of reality become apparent to us we are faced with a choice to either continue walking into the wilderness into which we have stumbled, or to turn back and return to what is familiar. In a recent satsang Gabriel spoke of the choice that must be made at these types of junctions in the spiritual path. He told a story about an experience at a public gathering in 1973 at which an angel, “a being of light”, appeared and was seen by Gabriel and one other person. He was shaken up by the experience. All of a sudden the whole realm of angels and demons and all the implications of their actual existence was stirring within him. Gabriel simplified the decision that had to be made into “Yes or No?” Do we except the new mysterious reality that we find ourselves in and continue walking into the unknown, or do we cash out, go home, and try to pretend that we are ignorant of the mystery we have tasted. Gabriel lovingly said, “though it may take some time and integration to come to, the answer is obvious really: you keep walking toward God.”

How is this done? When your entire reality is shaken, what keeps you from getting stuck in fear? How does Alice continue down the rabbit hole? What inspires Neo in The Matrix to take the red pill over the blue? On occasion I have heard Gabriel speak of the fearlessness that comes through the direct apperception of the Divine. He tells of a deep knowing of one’s unborn and undying nature, and when we truly understand that we are not the body-mind-ego life-story we come to a place of real fearlessness.

If you are able to reside in the awareness that what you truly are cannot die, there is nothing to be scared of. This is not to imply that Neo and Alice were necessarily present to these deep spiritual truths and fully fearless, nor that you will be. In fact you will surely experience fear during these pivotal periods in your journey, but the important thing is how you deal with it. I highlighted those characters because they embraced the unknown and plunged into it despite any fearful resistance they may have been experiencing. As light workers and spiritual warriors we must surrender ourselves to the Divine mystery and allow our fears to move through without stopping us in our tracks. Connect with your immortality and boldly step forward in acceptance of the path that the Divine has presented you. Embrace your fears as crucial challenges on your path to fearlessness; do not run from them.

An important teaching that Gabriel brings to us is that “everything that God does is for the best.” In these times of chaos, crime, and calamity this teaching can be a hard pill to swallow. Again Gabriel asks us to go beyond concepts of right and wrong, beyond our ego, and view everything as a play of the Divine Will. To fully receive this teaching we need to be in touch with unconditional love and peace within ourselves. If we are not able to reside in the awareness of Oneness then fear, separation, and concepts of wrong vs. right, good vs. evil will dominate our consciousness and we will become either overwhelmed by all the battles to be fought or forced into a state of nihilistic numbness. Full openness, innocence, and acceptance of what is, without judgments or desires, is the state of consciousness that Gabriel is trying to evoke through this teaching. The more we perceive our Unity, and the more we see that we are involved in a Divine plan unfolding, the easier it becomes to be open and fearless with what occurs in our personal and global lives.

The Light Warrior cultivates fearlessness by stepping into the unknown and accepting that whatever takes place is exactly what is meant to be. How then, can we be prepared for the unknown? The answer once again is cultivating a deep connection and a perception of God in all things and the unconditional grounding in Love that results. Spiritual Warriors are ready and armed with innocence and love as they venture down the mysterious path through the wilderness of their destiny. Are you ready to embody peace in the face of your greatest nemesis? Are you ready to hold the vibration of love when confronted with an experience that shakes the core of your entire existence? Are you ready to fearlessly accept the manifestation of things could have never dreamed of? Gabriel empowers us with the wisdom that we exist as multi-dimensional beings in a field of infinite potential and possibility, and with this understanding we walk faithfully down our paths.

Be prepared to believe in the extraordinary. Extraterrestrials, giants, angels, demons, stargates, telepathy, levity--we must release socially-imposed judgments to go beyond what we may have perceived to be possible. We do not need to try to convince others of the existence of such things, nor need we naively accepting everything as truth. Gabriel suggests that what is necessary is to simply be open and ready for the unexpected and limitless possibilities. When we limit the potentials that reality holds we set ourselves up for being greatly conflicted and fearful if something that was “not supposed to exist” suddenly shows up in our experience.

Explore what scares you most, even if only in the form of a discussion. How might you overcome that fear? Locate your immortal, fearless, and unconditionally loving Source. Take the pill, step into the unknown, surrender, and embrace the grand and mysterious play of the Divine.


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