Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Yoram Lehmann

Yoram Lehmann
was born in 1939 in Tel Aviv and is a
photographer and instructor of photography specializing in documentary
photography and commercial photography.

At the age of 14 he was accepted as an apprentice to the photographer
Alfred Bernheim in Jerusalem and after two years he was certified by
“the master” to be an assistant photographer in his studio.

After completing his army service, he was appointed as the photographer
of the the French archeological expedition led by Jean Perrot.

In 1966, he traveled to New York and began to work as an assistant
photographer in the studio of Richard Avedon. Two years later, he
ventured out on his own and opened a studio. In 1974, he was sent by
the development department of the UN to photograph projects in South
America and Africa.

In 1977, Lehman returned to Israel and continued his photography career
in Jerusalem. From 1996, he served as head of the Photography
Department at Hadassah College. In 2007 when the department received
academic accreditation from the Council of Higher Education, he accepted
the role of professional coordinator of the Department of Photographic

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