Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lucian Freud:Painted Lfe

Painter Working, Reflection

''My school reports used to say,
'takes no part in communal
activities' so I thought at least
im getting something right.''

''My work is autobiographical. Its an
attempt at a record.''

''My idea of travel is downward
travel really. Getting to know where
you are better and exploring
feelings that you know more deeply''

''I hoped that if I concentrate enough
the intensity of the scrutiny alone
would force life into the pictures''

''I was aware that my work wasnt
a vehicle for my feelings.
I saw there was something wrong
about the distance between how I
felt and the way I was working.''

''I realised Bacons work related
immediately to how he felt about life''

''I found there was something
exhilarating in being forgotten,
almost working undeground''
''The promise of happiness is felt in
the act of creation but disappears 
towards the completion of  the work.
For it is then that the painter
realises that it is only a picture he
is painting. Until then he had 
almost dared to hope that the
picture may spring to life.''

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