Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Waterford Crystal Ireland


Our factory melts over 750 tonnes of crystal per year, producing over 45,000 high-end crystal pieces per year using traditional methods. The House of Waterford Crystal keeps the traditions of mouth blowing, hand finishing sculpting and engraving alive. It is the tremendous skills of the artisans employed, at the House of Waterford Crystal, that make the creation of these exceptional pieces possible today.
Since the early 1950’s, Waterford has introduced some of the worlds most stylish and best selling stemware patterns. While tastes may change, what has remained constant is Waterford’s promise to never discontinue a stemware pattern. The House of Waterford Crystal is pleased to offer an exclusive Archive Stemware Service, whereby, patterns from the past may still be ordered today.
Each year, The House of Waterford Crystal designers are given the opportunity to craft a signature piece, a creation that showcases their individual skills and unique vision. The six celebrated designers at Waterford Crystal, found inspiration for their works in a diverse spectrum of artisinal influences. The annual Designer Studio Collection gathers these exclusive works in a numbered limited edition series of 200 pieces.


Crystal sculpture is the same in principal as stone sculpture except that wheels are used instead of mallets and chisels. The Master Sculptor works 3 dimensionally, using his skill to sculpt the desired piece from a solid block of crystal. Days, weeks and even months can pass before a sculpted piece is completed.
The type of copper wheel engraving used here at Waterford Crystal is called 'Intaglio', which means reverse. The deeper the engraver engraves into the crystal the more prominent the object appears. It can take from hours to days to complete the engraving on many of our International sporting trophies and limited edition inspiration pieces.

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