Wednesday, 29 July 2015

New Business venture and Website

I am excited to be launching my new business adventure and project Euphonic Health. For close to ten years now I have been deeply immersed in the worlds of health, fitness and nutrition, from my teenage years right through to the present, they have been ever present in the directions I have taken and choices I have made in my life. What started in school as a diet experiment hoping to improve a chronic acne condition grew unexpectedly into massive change and transformation in all areas of my life, in ways in which I could never have imagined beforehand. It is from these results that the idea for Euphonic Health has sprung, seeing my clarity of thinking, my connection to myself and others, my sense of peace and calm, my strength and energy levels, growing from rare flickers to my prominent daily waking state, simply through lifestyle changes. Inspired and motivated by the possibility for change, in myself and others, I offer Euphonic Health then as a guide for those desiring to embark on the path toward radiant health and a balanced life and self, and as a reminder that all this begins with you back at your most basic level – your body.

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