Monday, 22 February 2016

Holy Basil for chronic stress and anxiety

When people come to me for coaching one of the first things I do is put them on an adaptogen. Why? Because everyone experiences stress and adaptogens are an easy way to help overcome and manage this stress.

When stress is mentioned most tend to things of emotional stress - such as anxiety. When really stress comes in many forms. There are environmental, biological, physical, and emotional stresses . Then there is the severity with which the stress is affecting our body - is it acute or is it chronic? In short; stress comes in many flavours, and if you are alive, you are experiencing some form of it.

More often than not the adaptogenic herb I recommend to begin to with is Holy Basil as it is readily available, cheap, tastes great, and helps to target the most chronic stress symptom most people experience on a daily basis -anxiety. 

While anxiety symptoms can come from a number of possible avenues, and often require multi targeted approaches to treat, holy basil can positively effect our feelings of calmness and serenity through its ability to reduce cortisol and blood sugar levels in our body. Not much is needed, more often than not effects are felt after the first cup.

A good brand to go with is Pukka Herbs. They are readily available, high potency, and most importantly they understand the importance of sustainability.

Happy brewing and remember no matter what herb you are taking if you don't seek to address the other areas of stress in your life (relationships, job, diet etc etc) then you will continue to suffer in much the same way, albeit with a slightly clearer mind ;)

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