Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dolmen Meditation

Dolmen Meditation

Dolmens are actual cellars, where you have stones built into a room.

The purpose of these Dolmens is you go inside and you meditate. You can find Dolmens all over the place, in france, Russia, ireland, scotland, and england and many many more places.

And what it does is captures energy from the earth and it concentrates it and focalizes it inside under the area as you see below.

And if you are sitting there and meditating inside one of this Dolmens you get a big energy blast.

The weight of these stones are so tremendus and has stayed there through all these thousands of years, it never fell over regardless of earthquakes or what ever happened its still there.

Dolmens have been made in different ways and some more organized as you see in the pic below.

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But the main purpose is you go inside and you meditate. These Dolmens really are a big cosmic energy chamber. You really get a big blast going underneath one of these and meditating.

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  1. The dolmens and other megaliths (pyramids, cromlechs, and others) were built for defense. Read more http://forum.ozersk.ru/topic/32337-raskritie-tain-drevnosti/


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