Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Why nobody can See God

''Look there, Vladimir. Look How the bicycle wheels turn. The wheel has spokes, but you cant see them. They are there, and you know it, but the speed of rotation does not allow you to see them. Or put it another way: the pace of your thinking and your visual perception does not allow you to see them. if the cyclist goes slower, you will see the spokes of the wheel, albeit blurred. If hes tops altogether, you will see them clearly, but the cylcist himself will fall off. He wont get to his destination because of his stopping, and for what? Just to let you see that the spokes are there? But hwere does that ake you? Has anything changed in you? Or around you?
''The only thing youll know for certain is: the spokes exist. And thats it. The cyclist, of course, can always get up and continue his journey, but others may want to see, which means hell have to stop and fall again and again. And for what?''
'' Well so I can get a good look at him just once.''
'' And what will you see? After all, a cyclist lying on the ground isnt a cyclist anymore. You will have to imagin what he looked like.
'' Just so, a God who changes the pace of his thinking is no longer God. Wouldnt it be better for you to learn how to acclerate your own thinking? Imagine talking with someone who has a slow time getting what your saying- doesnt that irritate you? Isnt it a pain slowing down your own paceof though to his level?''
''Your right, if you adapt yourself to a fools pace, you might become a fool

How can I accelerate my own thinking?

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