Friday, 22 June 2012

Juicing Aloe Vera

JUICING Aloe Vera!.....Here's the latest research on Aloe. Very interesting! I'm not surprised. We have been touting it and juicing with it as one of Nature's finest healers. 

Great for our intestines, our skin, and many stomach disorders.

Here's one of our finest combinations:

2 large Aloe Vera Leaves (fresh from the Aloe Plant and cut from the bottom where the thickest leaves are)
1 Green Apple* (not necessary but helps with the taste)
1 large Un-waxed Cucumber
1 med. Lime with skin
1 cup Parsley

We JUICE the entire aloe leaf. Some people say that they should not juice the skin due to the fact it's a bit bitter and the bowels may become lose. We haven't had that experience. The property we are talking about is called Aloin. This particular substance has been known to create a laxative effect on the intestines. If this is an issue, then peel the skin off of the aloe vera plant, and get rid of the light yellow substance that covers the actual aloe gel. This is what the Aloin looks like. 

Just make SURE that all of your ingredients are organic!

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