Friday, 14 June 2013

Chia Hibiscus Water

Chia Hibiscus Water

                                      -2 tbsp of organic hibiscus flower
                                     -750ml of spring water
                                     -2 tbsp of Organic black chia seed
                                    -3/4 dropper full of SweetLeaf  Chocolate and Raspberry
                                      Liquid Stevia

Make tea by bringing the spring water to just below boiling point and pouring over the hibiscus flowers. Leave to steep over night. In morning strain the tea to remove the flowers and then add the chia and the stevia. Screw lid onto the jar and give it a good shake. Leave chia to soak for half an hour until it becomes gelatinous and then it is ready to drink. Alternatively it can be refrigerated for an hour or two and drank cold as an iced tea.

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