Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tip of The Day #5

Every culture has their power flowers, that is flowers held in high regard for their culinary, ornamental and medicinal use. Of these the artichoke is probably one of the most well known, with a use spanning from the gardens of Rome up to the present day shelfs of supermarkets all over the world. A member of the thistle family, artichoke is most well known medicinally for its liver protecting abilities and positive effect on the digestive system of humans. Two of the potential compounds highlighted to be behind these effects are caffeoylquinic acid and apigenin, which are thought to increase bile flow and formation, a substance which plays a key role in healthy digestion and liver function. 

If your liver then is in need of some TLC (most people's are) then artichoke can be a priceless ally to be welcomed to your dinner table. They are available in most supermarkets either raw, or ready prepared, and are a quick and tasty addition to your meals. Give this recipe below a go, which combines artichoke with garlic (another potent liver protecting food), and enjoy the benefits of clearer, healthier skin, and deeper sleep, which comes from having peak liver function. The image accompanying the text is what an artichoke looks like fresh, if you are unsure. Happy cooking. 


Fresh Artichokes with Garlic

•2 raw artichoke heads
•2TB extra virgin olive oil
•1TB raw Apple cider vinegar
•1 clove crushed garlic
•Salt and pepper to taste

Trim stem from the artichokes if there is one. Add artichokes to enough boiling water to cover. Cover and simmer just until tender, about 15 to 20. Drain, let cool and then remove all petals and cut the remaining core in half. Add all other ingredient to a bowl with the petals and core and mix well. All of the core is edible and for the petals the edible part is lighter in color and down at the base (where it was attached).

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