Friday, 4 December 2015

Find Your Calling



The 21st century is awash with literature and ideas on self improvement and development, on how to realise your maximum potential and possibilities. In the 40+ years though since his passing, very few teachers and authors have been able to say anything new on the subject, or even provide a simpler, more actionable, and most importantly, grounded and direct framework than that of what Abraham Maslow shared.

Describing the nine behaviours which lead to 'self actualisation' (the terminology he used to define the achievement of ones full potential) Maslow walks us through what self actualisation may look like, right now, to me and to you, in the real world, at three o'clock in the middle of the day. It is this reachability and tangibility which sets Maslow apart in a genre so often detached from real life affairs, one lost in its own world of pretensions and impractical ideas and language. 

Here is behaviour number one.

Numbers 2-9 are to follow over the coming days.

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