Saturday, 23 April 2016

Updated Projects

If you have had the pleasure of being around me in person over the past half year to a year ;) you may have equated me with a zombie who has had his face constantly in the computer, with little to no time for anything or anyone else.
The explanation for this, aside from my general usual enjoyment of isolation from people ha ha, is I have been working pretty intensely on some new projects which are finally starting to come to fruition and hopefully, will be seeing the light of day soon if all goes to plan.
I won't reveal too much at the moment as things are still taking shape, other than that they involve the coming together of some interesting worlds and philosophies (one being chocolate and nutrition) which when combined together have the potential to create some pretty radical change and transformation.
If this peaks your interest then head over to and sign up for the email newsletter to stay up to date, or follow us on social media, if that is your thing. Lots of fun, free, and easy tips for people looking to bring their energy, mood, and physical structure to more peak levels.
Finally, and most importantly, I apologise for not showing up as fully as I could in supporting you in your life recently, and probably in general. I am recommitting and striving (again lol) to being better and improving at this. There is a definite big chink in my armor here.

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