Thursday, 22 October 2015

How to introduce more green foods into your meals the fun, tasty, and easy way

While we intuitively know green foods to have benefit to our health the challenge for many people comes in finding these foods appealing enough, taste wise, to eat on a consistent basis. One route around this can be through a fun and tasty dressings. Give this recipe a try if you are one of these people who desires to eat more greens, yet finds it hard to convince your taste buds otherwise.
Steamed Autumnal Greens

•1 Bunch local seasonal greens (Purple sprouting broccoli was used for the image above)
•1TB Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (or fresh Lemon juice)
•1 clove chopped/crushed garlic
•1TB Hemp oil (or other cold pressed oil of choice)
•1TB unpasteurised miso (or 1/2 tsp sun dried sea salt)
•1TB Sesame tahini ( or nut/seed butter of choice)
•1/2-1 small chopped fresh hot chili.

Steam greens. Blend/mix all other ingredients, minus the chili, and pour over the cooked greens. Garnish with chili and enjoy.
"Fall is the season of harvest, a time to pull inward and gather together on all levels, a time to store up fuel, food, and warm clothing, a time to study and plan for the approaching stillness of winter. To prepare food which reflects the qualities of autumn, we must be aware of its abundant yet contracting nature. This awareness can be heightened by choices for more astringent as well as heartier flavours and foods. The fall is is the time to organise the open and perhaps scattered patterns of the previous warmer seasons. To stimulate this activity in the body, to focus mentally, and to begin the process of contraction, add more sour flavoured foods. Likewise, the bitter and salty flavours move energy strongly inward and downward; ideally they are gradually introduced as the fall progresses into winter."
- Paul Pitchford, 'Healing With Wholefoods'

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