Friday, 9 October 2015

Tip of the Day 1

As winter moves in and temperatures drop some people may experience challenges in maintaining warmth and heat in their extremities. In some cases this can be simply down to poor blood flow and circulation. A simple and easy remedy to correct this is to add more warming, circulatory boosting spices and herbs to your diet. Ginger, fresh and dried, is King is this regard. Try 1 tsp of dried ginger in your morning smoothie or add a big chunk of fresh ginger to your daily vegetable juice.

"Ginger is foremost a circulatory herb with pronounced effects on the heart and blood. Japanese researchers have found that ginger causes the heart to beet more strongly and slowly and that blood pressure lowers 10-15 points after ginger is ingested. The blood vessels relax and expand, lowering blood pressure and allowing the heart to beat more slowly to pump the blood throughout the body. This combined with a more stronger beat of the heart, means that blood is pumped more efficiently throughout the body"
-Stephen Harrod Buhner

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