Monday, 26 October 2015

Skin Rejuvenation The Easy Way With Clay

Looking at my face now you would be hard pushed to tell that I once suffered from a debilitating chronic acne condition. Thankfully at the time I chose to sidestep the more conventional route of prescription medication to explore alternative avenues. The rest as they say is history with my skin now looking flawless, day in day out, as long as I stick to what I know and have learned over the years in regard to skin health and lifestyle. I am currently putting together a free ebook on this topic as it is something very close to my heart, and one that pains me very much when I see people needlessly suffering, and failing, with what is currently vogue and on offer as a solution at the moment. In the meantime though check out my website for some tips and suggestions, which while not directly advertised as for the skin will have a profound effect on it (alongside many other things) if practiced on a consistent basis over the long term.

Enjoy the recipe below too, one of my weekly skin protocols, which will provide instant and noticeable effects to the health of your skin.


As far back as the Egyptians clay has been recorded as a useful beautifying and detoxifying tool. Through its rich mineral content and absorption and adsorption properties it is able to deep clean pores, exfoliate dead cells, while simultaneously feeding skin cells. Give this recipe a go at least once a week, preferably after the sauna and/or steam room, and notice some immediate improvements in the look and tone of your skin.

Green Clay ACV Face Mask

•1TSP Organic French green clay
•1TSP raw organic apple cider vinegar
•Enough extra water to make a thick paste

Add ACV and clay to a bowl and begin to mix until clay absorbs all the liquid. Next add enough water to the mixture until you have a paste which can be spread. Cover face and neck and leave on until completely dry (around twenty minutes) and then wash off.


"Clay possesses unsatisfied ionic bonds around the edges of its mineral particles. It naturally seeks to satisfy those bonds. For this to happen, it must meet with a substance carrying an opposite electrical charge. The particles of clay are said to carry a negative electrical charge, where's impurities, or toxins, carry a positive electrical charge. Positively charged toxins are attracted by the negatively charged edges of the clay mineral. An exchange reaction occurs whereby the clay swaps its ions for those of the other substance. Now, electrically satisfied, it holds the toxin in suspension for both to be eliminated."

Ran Knishinsky - The Clay Cure

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