Monday, 2 November 2009

Glasgow by night

Today I ventured back down to my bridge from the group project to see if my scultpure was there. I was happy to see it was still in once piece. Had anyone noticed it was there? If yes did they appreciate it, did it inspire them, did it change there mood or day in any way? Anyway I went back down and carried on building/creating adding more driftwood from further up the river. One person stopped and asked if i had made it myself and said it was brilliant, he then went away and came back to take a picture with his camera. He asked me what it was called, I laughed, paused and said 'The Clyde Tree', definetly not the best name ever . It is interesting to think where the wood had began its journey, from a tree 100 yards up the road or from a pine forest thousands of miles away in Siberia, it is up to us to decide :) . It was interesting to see the different types of wood that floated past as I was working, big and small, some in bunches, some by themselves. This was the largest I saw, unless something bigger passed by when my back was turned

Stayed at the bridge till it started to get dark then went for a cycle up to the BBC building to see the Toby Paterson sculpture.

I had saw this when I went on the Tour bus a few weeks back and I was really drawn to it, especially the colurs. It is good to see some colour on buildings around Glasgow, it makes so much of a difference to the usual drab grey and black. As I cyled back over the millenium bridge to the other side of the river, I paused to watch the moon as it came out from behind the clouds. I took a quick snap but it did not to justice to the magnificence of the full moon.

The moon tonight reminded me so much of one of my favourite photos, 'Moonrise' by Ansel Adams.

Thank you Ansel. Thank you moon

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