Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tony Cragg

Making drawings from objects, found objects, sticks and stones? Collecting sticks stones, cones and making them back into there original thing.

Similarly, Tony Cragg transformed found objects and waste goods into artistic tools for use in large-scale sculptures, such as Policeman, made entirely of blue plastic rubbish.

Tony Cragg's Policeman

Tony Cragg made this work during a visit to Britain in 1981, when he felt that the nation was beset by social and economic difficulties. The figure to the left is a portrait of the artist. Cragg lives in Germany, so although Britain is his native country he was viewing it through the eyes of an outsider.

Typically for Cragg, the work consists of many individual objects, arranged to form a larger image. This has prompted his work to be described as a 'relationship of the part to the whole', an idea derived from particle physics.

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