Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stephanie Imbeau

Stephanie’s artwork is the product of her exploration of community, belonging, and the role that architecture plays in contextualizing life. She is interested in how homes and the built environment affect the way people live and interact with others. Play and exploration also have significant roles in her work, as she feels that retaining a sense of child-like wonder when looking at the world is important and an effective antidote to the stresses and anxieties faced in life. The use of industrial or everyday materials is a recurring theme throughout her work, pointing at the importance, beauty and significance of daily life.

Stephanie’s work consistently manifests itself with a significant physical presence in the space it inhabits. This is not unintentional; she strives for it to be something unavoidable, and to have a dialogue with the architecture surrounding it. Regardless of the medium she uses, the location of the art informs the end result. Every space tells a story, and art can be used to unlock or add to that story.

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