Friday, 27 November 2009

Magic Moments

I love when really beautiful moments like this come in to my life. Grace had asked me to help her take some pictures for her cross school project. She had described briefly to me her idea but in my mind I had a different image to how things actually turned out. It was such a simple idea but so so beautiful. The candles were placed inside the holes in the tiled wall and they created this amazing line pattern of light, the lighting was perfect, just between light and dark. I had been talking with Grace before this about how artists see things that others would normally walk by, and how this was a real gift to have. This was a perfect example of such ''seeing'', taking something every day and ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

Thank you Grace :)


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  2. Thank you for helping me out:) I've decided to call it Rotten Row (thats the main street beside the installation).. i thought it pin pointed the whole concept.


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