Monday, 20 December 2010

Beyond Survival with Les Stroud-Innuit Tribe

Caught the last 20 minutes of this last night on the Discovery Channel. Really interesting to see a culture like this who have lived so close to there land for centuries and who have such a deep respect for nature. Made me think about our own culture here in the west and the skills which have been past down from generation to generation which are now forgotten. Also interesting to see how they have been influenced by Western Culture, the things they have choosen to adopt into there culture and what they have decided to leave out.

One example being they prefer the wild foods form there land to the shipped in factory farmed meats but they pefer gun, a modern day invention, to the spear for hunting animals.

Maybe we can learn from these people, learn how to adopt and benefit from technology while at the same respecting and staying in balance with nature.

Weve gone top heavy on the technology here in the west with a disregard for nature, that how I feel anyway, and at what expense?

Time to re-connect and re-member I think.

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