Monday, 13 December 2010

Liverpool Biennial 2010: Marina Rosenfeld's P.A. in the old Renshaw Hall now car park on Benson Street.

- Marina Rosenfeld: Public Address no.2. Borrowing its form from the sound systems of social gathering places, Rosenfeld's Public Address no.2 (2010), will use the complex overhead airspace and daily function of Liverpool's historic Renshaw Hall, now a car park, as both a reflecting and distorting structure for sound. Rising and falling in unpredictable counterpoint with the ambient noises of the site, Rosenfeld's work sweeps the architecture and transient residents of the space--both human and vehicular--with arcs of abstract sound, producing momentary transformations of ambience, mood, attention or distraction.

Renshaw Hall, Benson Street.

This was the sound she used which came out the speakers seen above.


  1. There is a new video available for the Marina Rosenfeld piece P.A. II on you tube:


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