Monday, 13 December 2010

Sonia Khurana ''Lying Down On The Ground''

The live event welcomes people with both arts and non-arts backgrounds to join in. Khurana invites people who can be comfortable with the experience of lying down in an outdoor public space. As participants lie down, their shapes are traced using chalk. Over the time period, a beautiful interlocking trace of images is left on the floor. Lying Down aims to work on so many levels, with the input of different participants and audiences. It’s a fairly simple, essential and non-threatening form of social interaction, and Khurana has drawn large numbers of audiences to participate into this act of lying down. As an ongoing, public performance event, it continues to take place across various international cities, the most recent being Nagoya, Japan as part of the Aichi Triennale and earlier in the summer a workshop derived from this project, at New Art Exchange in Nottingham. Lying Down has both playfulness and poetry, but it gets us thinking on some essential issues: embodiment and resistance; our awareness of the space we occupy; what meanings we give to images of a body lying down; our simple, everyday acts, and how we attach sense and meaning to them, but how that sense and meaning is dislodged when those acts are performed in unfamiliar settings; what happens, when things we do on our own, are done as a group activity or collective utterance?

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