Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tate Liverpool

Some of my favourite works from Tate Liverpool

Barry Flanagan aaing j gni aa 1965

Barry Flannagan-Aaing gni (Plaster, cloth and found objects in five pieces)

Richard Patterson-Painted Minotaur 1996-7

Oil on canvas

Yayoi Kusama- Passing Winter

Little box that you look inside and this is what you see, amazing!

naum gabo- head no 2
Galvanised iron, originally painted with yellow ochre

Alberto Giacometti-Man pointing

Jean Arp-Pagoda fruit


Richard Long-South Bank Circle

Barbara Hepworth-Corinthos
Nigerian guarea, partially painted

David Smith Forging VIII 1955

David Smith-Forging


amedeo modigliani- head sculpture

Henri Laurens-Head of a young girl

Otto Muehl-Untititled

Embryology - Magdalena Abakanowicz

Frans West-Smears

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