Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Deepak Chopra- God and Buddha

''Loosing the soul we begin to have the experience of suffering''

''We get so caught up in the melodrama and the hysteria of the stories in our minds that we forget who we are. We loose ourselfs in the scenery and the only way to untangle from this hierarchy is to remember we are the universal I ''

''There is a timeless factor in the midst of every time bound experience''

There are five ways to find the true nature of reality in the vedactic teachings. The first is Karma Yoga where you remember that it is not you that is doing anything but that it is God working through you. The second is through love which is Bhakti Yoga. Not love as an emotion but love as a way of life. Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation. The third is Raja yoga which is meditation and its allied disciplines i.e all the ways to dive into the gap between our thoughts, to the place were we find the part of ourself which does not die. The fourth path is the path of Jnana Yoga where the intelect is used to go beyond the intelect.''

Vedanta says that there are five reasons why human beings suffer. The first cause of human suffering is not knowing the true nature of reality. The second cause is not knowing or grasping or holding onto that which is ephemeral, transitory, illusional and therefore is not real. The third cause of suffering is revulsion to, aversion to, fear from or fear of that which is unsubstantial, transitory, ephemeral, illusionary and therefore not real. The fourth cause of suffering is identification with a false and constricted and habitual self i.e the go. And the 5th cause of suffering is the fear of death. All 5 cause of suffering are contained in the first one; not knowing the true cause of reality. So the only cause of suffering is not knowing the true nature of reality.

‘’You are the wondrous machine, long before the computers and the cybernetic age. You are the wondrous machine that can turn around in your footsteps and look into yourself and see that there is nothing in the universe separate from yourself.’’

‘’The more we can let go of our false constructions of reality, the more we can collapse and the more happy we become.’’

‘’The king and queen of the sciences is the inward science, how to know yourself, how to know God.’’

‘’Depending on the state of consciousness you are in you project a certain state of reality.’’

‘’The insight that it was a dream happens when you wake up after the dream, not when you are in the dream. When you wake up out of this dream you wake into another which is the waking state of consciousness. You don’t know that like the dream it is as equally ephemeral, as equally transitory. Therefore you get caught up in the melodrama, the anxiety and the stress of the dream. The next stage of reality is when we get a glimpse of the soul. This is the ever present I, beyond the mind, which is present in sleeps, in dreams, in wake and even in death. When we totally awaken to the soul and it is our everyday reality then this is cosmic consciousness, the sixth stage of consciousness. ‘’

‘’I am awake and all that was before was just a dream’’

''There is a thin line between sages psychotics and geniuses''

''Drop by drop we fill the bucket''

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