Monday, 15 October 2012

Some New Collage Work


A new term and a new year at art school.  

My sketchbook so far.

Collage (pen, photgraph, paint and pencil) combined with text from Returning to the Source by Osho.

Through silence you are sensitive, and through activity you are in contact. Sensitivity inside and
contact outside – this is the balance. Then you have two wings. Otherwise, you will be flying with
one wing – either activity or silence. But one wing is not enough. You may flutter a little here and
there, but one wing cannot lead you to the heights. You cannot move into the sky, you cannot go far
away – two wings are needed. And they balance, activity – inactivity; they balance.

 Your fifty-fifty can be a deception. It is not a fixed point. You
cannot measure it. It is a constantly changing flow of awareness. And in every moment, you have
to regain the balance again. It is not something that you have always been. It is just like a tightrope
walker: it is not that once he has attained the balance, finished – then he goes on. With every single
step, the balance has to be att...
ained again. Sometimes he feels that he is falling towards the left;
immediately, he moves towards the right to gain balance. Then when he feels that the opposite is
happening, that he has leaned too much to the right, he moves immediately to the left. With every
single step, one has to attain balance. It is not something that you have attained and finished with.
It is a process. So remember, don’t try to find a fixed mid-point. It is nowhere to be found. And nobody else can
decide for you. Not even you can decide for the future. These are all tricks of the mind which
make you neurotic. Just move unprepared. This is the preparation – move unprepared. Move and let things happen. You just be aware and let things decide themselves. And I tell you, when you
are aware, everything fits. Suddenly everything falls into a cosmos – it is not a chaos. Out of that
unknown happens what is right. If you decide, out of you happens what is wrong.

Watch a tall tree reaching to the sky. The roots are hidden, but the roots go deep down
to the same extent: if the tree has grown one hundred feet, the roots have to grow one hundred feet
deep down. Otherwise, what will support the tree?what will support this one hundred foot tree? And
if the tree chooses just the height and tries to deny the roots, it will die. And this is what you have
been doin...
g. This is what the whole of humanity has been doing. That’s why the whole of humanity
has shrunk, caved-in. Everything has gone wrong because you want only high moments. Watch the waves in the ocean. The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that follows it. One
moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows. Enjoy both – don’t
get addicted to one.

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