Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to Have the best Teeth and Gums Ever


Learn all about successful, self-dentistry with Nadine Artemis, a gifted beauty visionary. Discover 8 simple steps to stop plaque buildup, tooth decay and re-generate your teeth and gums.

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This is Nadine reporting for Natural News University. And today I'm going to take everyone through the eight steps for successful self-dentistry. So sometimes, this is a really good program for daily use and it's especially good if you kind of have to pull up your socks in an area of your oral care and you want to get things to a new level. For example, if your gums are bleeding, if you have receding gums, if you have halitosis, any of those things which a lot of people are experiencing. And so, we're going to deal with that. And I want you to think of this as something fresh that you're going to do every day. It's not about creating a good habit or getting rid of a bad habit. This is going to be totally fresh. And it's really good to brush your teeth sitting down or to go outside in the sun or right in the middle of a creek. It's just like, just maybe you think of something new rather than standing in front of your sink.

This is kind of new for people because what we're doing is we've gotten rid of the toothpaste, which contains a lot of things that you don't want to be putting into your mouth. And this is going to be really regenerative for the gums, the saliva and the teeth. So here we go. First, I always recommend that you have a really strong salt water solution wherever you're going to brush your teeth. And this is a nice pure salt. You can use any kind of pure salt, Himalayan, Celtic, any of those really natural ones that haven't been processed. And you just get some water and you fill that up, and you're going to keep that in your bathroom. And it will dissolve more over the next few days, but just shake it up.

The first thing you're going to do before you start brushing your teeth or taking care of them is you're going to do a little salt water rinse. So, I need a couple more hands. So there's your salt water solution, and then first you just take a swig and then you spit. Then you can scrape your tongue because the tongue has a lot of bacteria on it, and it's just so easy to find one of these at a health food store and then just scrape the tongue, rinse that, and then next we can start the brushing. What I love using is these ionic toothbrushes and they just work by solar, so either by sunlight or a light, and that's how they're activated. And what they do is they allow the saliva to become ionic with negative ions and that alkalinizes the saliva, and that's already taken care of about 40% of the plaque.

Then I love using the Neem Enamelizer. Neem's very anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and you just put the tiniest amount on there. And you just tip it and a little bit comes out. What you can add to this to make it even extra potent is the healthy gum drops or the Yogi Tooth Serum. The healthy gum drops have lots of great anti-bacterial, anti-fungal oils. There's rose oil, there's sea buckthorn oil which is really regenerative to the gums and the tissues. And then you just brush your teeth, and this is very key.

Six months from now your toothbrush should not be all flattened and squashed. You want to have it look exactly like the day you bought it because you're going to be brushing your teeth with really no pressure and very slowly. And it's always gum towards the teeth. On the bottom it's gum up and on the top it's gum down. You just go like that and you're brushing pretty much like that slowly, and you're getting all the areas. So this goes around and this ionizes the saliva that's doing a lot of the work for you. So brush your entire mouth and your mouth's not going to get all foamy so you usually don't even have to spit anything out. But you'll just brush that, if you need to spit out, spit out.

Then the next stage is put the tooth serum on something like a selka [SP] brush. This takes care of the area where the gums and the teeth join. And that area, that's the whole key. The health of the gums is the health of the teeth. The health of the gums is what allows the teeth to stay in place, to stay strong. The gums are covering up hundreds of thousands really of tiny filaments that attach the tooth to the jaw. And if you had like an area rug in your kitchen and you were always mopping and sweeping and vacuuming and keeping your floor very clean, what you would notice after a month is if you lifted up that area rug there's be a whole bunch of debris in there. So what we do when we take care of the join of the gum line and the teeth, that's how we allow that debris to not build up because that actually pushes the gums away from the teeth. And then you just go over each tooth, each gum line like that.

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