Monday, 8 October 2012

You myung gyun Scukptures and Paintings

''My work is inspired by nature. Nature is constantly perfect in beauty and being.
Within nature there are systems of control and harmonic energy. It is the natural order.
Human history is one part of nature. I accept and feel all natural phenomena, free of cultural and religious ideas. I wish to expose the real world through my art. Questions surrounding reality, truth, and heritage surface within my work.''

 The themes of my work are always related to culture and nature.

In my earlier three-dimensional works, I would create images like huge stones floating in space or waterfalls or unknown creatures. However, I now want to experiment with installations that connect more positively with both nature and human society.
This means that my installations can be made using existing architecture or any available space in the city. These installations can be made in nature—incorporating and combining natural materials like trees. My two-dimensional works (paintings) include the same thematic images as my installationThe elements of my paintings—the light and shadow in the forest, the wind, the clouds, and the waves of the ocean—are drawn from the deep emotions that I feel when I am in nature. I paint using natural pigments. The space in my paintings is created with active movement and vibrant waves of particles of pigment. These images represent endless space and time in the cosmos and the ephemeral quality of natural energies. I just want to follow these images in my work.''


floating world' , 2012 fibers, papers, stainless steel, china ink


Pigment and acrylic on canvas

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