Monday, 8 October 2012

What Does Art Do?

What does art do?

48 Possibilities

art that inspires
Art That Excites!
Art that expresses
Art that makes you laugh
Art That Makes You Say Hmmm
art that wants to teach you something
Art that makes you think, wonder and smile!
art that will mess with your head
Art that Rejuvenates Your Spirit
art that speaks to the heart
Art that Feeds My Soul
Art that bums you out.

Art that Moves Us
art that wakes people up
art that defies understanding
art that puts a new face on our outrage
art that transcends sense perception and normal life
art that uses science and technology in innovative ways
art that embodies the vibration of Universal Love
Art that Tries to Actively Engage the Viewer
art that interests its audience
Art That Tells a Story
Art that Shimmers
Art That Heals

Art That Dares
Art That Offends
Art that mocks faith
art that desecrates the human image or the public space
Art that commemorates the brutality and horror of war
Art that breaks boundaries
Art that crosses domains
art that graces the walls
Art That Celebrates Life
Art That Reflects Life™
Art That Imitates Life
Art That is Timeless

Art That Follows the Money
art that brings in a safe return on the investment
art that will get attention from your family, friends and associates
art that works with the look that you want in your garden
art that people BUY versus art that people LOVE
Art That Sells Underpants

art that draws on various forms of popular culture, but plays purposefully elitist, opaque intellectual games with them

art that communicates a sense of urgency about the inequities that seethe below the surface of America's prosperity

art that can make just about any space in your home or office just a little bit more interesting

art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum

art that ends up in museums or on public pedestals

art that had no intrinsic value but would instead deliver ephemeral statements before ultimately vanishing as nature took its course.

~ from Google

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