Sunday, 31 January 2016

Book of The Day #4


Healing with Whole Foods brings together authentic traditions of Oriental medicine with current Western research on health and nutrition to create the most detailed source-book available on planning and preparing an optimal diet.
Pitchford says in his dedication that he hopes the reader finds "healing, awareness, and peace" from following his program. The diet is certainly ascetic by Western standards (no alcohol, caffeine, white flour, fried foods, or sugar, and a minimum of eggs and dairy) but the reasons he gives for avoiding these "negative energy" foods are compelling. From the adrenal damage imparted by coffee to immune dysfunction brought on by excess refined sugar, Pitchford spurs you to rethink every dietary choice and its ultimate influence on your health. Without being alarmist, he adds dietary tips for protecting yourself against the dangers of modern life.


"When emotions are relatively balanced, we naturally sense self respect and therefore find that quality choices in food represent the most desirable action. Moreover, we discover that inferior foods simply aren't interesting. Their energetic qualities are negative and we naturally prefer not to pollute our bodies and degrade our minds with them. Such a relationship between food and awareness is a key to feeling complete and having emotional equilibrium. Greater awareness breaks the emotional attachment-link to food. Such simple processes are often hardest to see; we may think our emotional conundrums need a complex cure , yet by having practices that calm the mind and brighten the spirit, by being abundantly active, and choosing quality foods, we ride the emotional train to harmony! One purpose of this text is to promote world peace in a unique and highly practical way - by encouraging the healing of our overly aggressive desires and emotions with self reflective practices and better quality biological choices, including food choices."
-excerpt from 'Healing With Wholefoods' by Paul Pitchford

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