Sunday, 31 January 2016

Many times when people make the switch from a meat based diet to a more plant based one they find it challenging to maintain their muscle mass and strength. Often this is partly through the inability to find a dense and absorbable source of plant protein to fill the gap left by omitting meat. Two go to foods to help cover this issue, among several others that can occur on both a vegetarian and carnivores diet, are shelled hemp seeds and bee pollen. Here is my favourite recipe that I have daily to ensure I am covering my bodies protein needs. 

As a side note many people who think they have an allergy to bee pollen (itchy, scratchy throat symptoms) are actually just eating rancid pollen. To sidestep this issue choose one which has been dried and processed properly. My two favourites are from TOCA Honey and GFM Honey. Even better would be sourcing from a local beekeeper in your area. If symptoms still persist even when trying other sources then it may be a true allergy and best left out of your diet.

Chocolate Protein Milk

4 cups of water
1TB Organic bee pollen 
1/4 TSP vanilla powder (or one vanilla bean)
1/2 to 1 cup shelled organic hemp seeds (more makes it richer and vice versa)
1 TB of your sweetener of choice ( I used organic honey for the one in the picture above)
Pinch sun dried sea salt
1 TB Raw cacao powder 

Add everything to a blender and blend. Can be drunk immediately or refrigerated and drunk as and when required.

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