Thursday, 7 January 2016

Clear Language gives Clear Results

Chalking up my hands for a ring routine to get started early on my exercise and movement goals for my New Year.

A tip I give to my clients when coaching them with goal setting - be specific.

''I want to be happy.'' - too vague!

With whom, in what ways, shapes and forms, about what specifically, enjoying what exactly, in what situations, for how long, blessing who?

The more specific and personal we are in our desires the easier it is for our own brain, and those of others, to guide us on how best to get there.

So as you set or review pre-existing goals either today, or at a future date, be sure to keep this checklist in mind:

☑ Who? 
☑ What? 
☑ Where? 
☑ When? 
☑ With whom? 
☑ Feeling what?
☑ How often? 
☑ Personally?
☑ Here? 
☑ Now?

Remember clear language gives clear results. Keep this in mind when writing your goals.


"If your language is confused, your intellect, if not your whole character, will almost certainly correspond." 

~ Sir Arthur Quiller Couch

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