Saturday, 16 January 2016

Plant Diversity Challenge

One of the fascinating things about human beings is the extraordinary variety of what we eat. From the primarily flesh based diets of the Eskimos from one side of our planet, to a more plant based style of eating by the Okinawa's on the other, humans have, and do consume a wide and varied number of foods. 

With this in mind, and researching a bit more closely the potential negatives of the very limited diet we eat in the U.K (One example: In Ghana yearly, over 100 species of wild plants are consumed vs next to none here), I have made it one of my goals for 2016 to increase the variety of what I am eating, especially in regard to wild foods. To widen the scope of nutrition I am receiving, to experience new tastes, and to have more fun with my food.

Be sure to join me for the challenge. All you have to do is to add one new plant food to your weekly diet, learn its history and benefits and how to use and prepare it.

First up for me is Agretti (Monks Beard in English), a green originally cultivated by the Cappuccino Monks in Tuscany, which is similar in taste and look to the more common Rock Samphire found in the U.K.

Here is what I did with it.




•1 bunch agretti
•1 small garlic clove crushed
•juice one small lemon
•3TB organic extra Virgin olive oil
•salt + pepper to taste

Steam greens and toss with all other ingredients and enjoy immediately.

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